Summer houses with side shed

Are you looking for a summer house with side a shed for extending your living area outdoors and adding some extra storage space? If you own a house with an adjoining garden area, then an outdoor lounge where to unwind and relax with your family and friends, combined with a place for storing all kinds of garden equipment might be exactly what you need.

To make garden spaces more functional, yet aesthetic, Woodpro offers a wide range of summer houses with a side shed in various styles, shapes and sizes, to help everyone find a versatile, high-quality garden building at an affordable price. Let’s take a look at the range of Woodpro summer houses and what our garden buildings can offer to you!

The advantages of a Woodpro summer house with side shed

Do you know what exactly do you expect for a summer house with canopy and what it has to offer to your household? For most homeowners, a garden is a place where to relax, unwind and have fun, but it must also provide an outdoor storage solution that’s suitable not only for storing garden equipment but other belongings as well.

This is exactly what Woodpro summer houses with veranda are made for. The well-designed garden buildings, available in various styles, will enhance any garden, creating an aesthetically pleasing and welcoming environment.

The materials of highest quality guarantee a long-lasting timber structure with an environment appropriate for storage – in terms of safety, temperature, humidity and lighting. In addition to that, Woodpro offers a wide range of useful options, like double-glazed doors and windows, high-quality cylinder locks and adjustable split hinges that are fitted as standard for all of our summerhouses.

Design your own summerhouse with side veranda

Have you already discovered the range of Woodpro summerhouses with a side shed? And did you notice the bespoke design option offered by Woodpro? We offer you the option to create your own shed with veranda with our 3D-configurator!

Designing a shed with canopy from scratch has two main advantages. First of all, you can create a design that’s perfectly suited for your garden in terms of shape and size, secondly, you can create a summerhouse with side veranda that’s way beyond a standard timber structure, combining a corner summerhouse with a closed storage room and a canopy area with glass sliding walls.

Moreover, by designing it yourself, you can create a shed with side porch that perfectly matches the overall style of your garden and house. Woodpro 3D-configurator is an easy-to-use online configurator that allows designing a garden building step by step from the comfort of your home – simply follow the step-by-step approach and view the finished result in a 360° design preview.

More than a storage hut: creative ways to use a shed with side veranda

The main purpose for a shed with side canopy is adding extra storage space, of course. However, such a versatile timber structure offers a lot more to its owners!

Some of them will stick to the basics and style the living area as an outdoor relaxation area with a set of garden furniture. However, the outdoor living area provided by such timber structure can be used in many different ways.

If you opt for a fully enclosed structure, the living area can be turned into a home office, a hobby den or even a guest bedroom. Meanwhile, if you opt for a summerhouse with a side shed and a canopy area, it will be easy to set up an outdoor kitchen and dining area or even a home spa with a hot tub! Whatever you’d like to opt for, remember to use the full potential of our high-quality garden buildings.

A Woodpro garden shed with side veranda: easy to assemble and maintain

Do you feel that a summerhouse with side canopy could be hard to install without professional help? Despite the fact that the installation of such a timber structure might seem complicated, it’s definitely not the case.

Woodpro has developed an easy-to-assemble construction system to make the installation process fast and easy. Both our ready-made garden shed with with canopy kits and bespoke designs come with an easy-to-use assembly guide, that allows you to build your own shed with side canopy without any screws or nails. Similarly to the assembly process, the maintenance of Woodpro garden buildings is easy and efficient. Regularly maintained with a fresh coat of paint, a Woodpro summerhouse will last for a very long time, allowing you to enjoy it for years!

Do you want to find a summerhouse with side porche that will serve you both for storage and relaxation? Take a look at our range of big and small summerhouses to find just the one for you!

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