Cheap summer houses

You want a summer house but your budget is not very large? Woodpro has a solution for you. At Woodpro we can make a cheap garden summer house for almost every budget. Woodpro produces its own wood, so that's why we are able to keep our prices for summer houses as cheap as possible, yet at the same time give you the best quality.

You can use cheap summer houses in many different ways. They can be used as sheds for your garden tools, or as your own workstation or office. Under the veranda you can relax with family and friends, or read a book by yourself on the lounge sofa. So, as you can see, there are many options. Choose the one that suits you.

The cheap summer house of your dreams

Woodpro can set up the summer house of your dreams in almost any garden, for almost any budget.

What would you like to do with your cheap summer house? Would you use it for storing your tools or use it as a tiny summer house? The possibilities are endless.

You can also choose a cheap summer house with a shed in combination with a veranda. If you choose a cheap summer house with a veranda, you can sit out of the sun on hot days or you can sit and keep dry when there is a little rain shower.

Would you like more room for storage, or would you like a bigger veranda? It’s up to you to choose. It’s also possible to create a cheap corner summer house, to make the garden more functional without losing much space.

You can add different colour treatments to your cheap summerhouse. Every treatment has its own benefits. You can choose between a spray pre-treatment in white, graphite grey, brown or light grey. Or you can choose a pressure treatment in brown and additional paint treatment in dusty grey or pure white. For more information see our website or ask one of our dealers.

We have also two different roof options. You could choose a flat roof. We deliver flat roofs with EPDM roof covering. EPDM is very durable and highly resistant to UV radiation. Woodpro can also deliver summer houses with an APEX roof. The APEX roof consists of the beams and the roof itself. The beams are available in different thicknesses.

With our 3D configurator you can easily design a cheap summer house exactly how you want and in the colour that you like. In the configurator you can see immediately what the costs are for the combination of options chosen. Woodpro also have a lot of standard summer houses that you can choose between. Take a look at our website.

Why Woodpro?

When you choose Woodpro, you’re guaranteed to get the best quality for the best price. Our wood comes from countries with a cold climate, where the trees grow more slowly than in our climate. When trees grow more slowly, the annual rings end up closer together and this gives the wood strength. The timber for the cheap summer houses is dried in special drying rooms. This reduces any subsequent shrinkage.

With Woodpro you get a low price, but you’re also getting many benefits, such as robust and solid construction. And all of our doors and windows include double glazing, sealing with silicon, drainage holes and chrome-coloured handles. Every cheap summer house gets a 5-year guarantee covering manufacturing and construction faults.

Build your own cheap summer house

Once you’ve designed your own summer house or chosen one of our standard cheap summer houses, it is time to build it. Can you build your own cheap summer house? Of course you can. We deliver an easy-to-use assembly instruction manual with your summer house.

It’s also possible to get our professionals to build your cheap summer house. Ask our dealers for more information.

As you can see, there a many ways to design cheap summer houses, and 90% of our summer houses are unique. Your summer house is especially built for you. If you would like to know more about our cheap summer houses, log cabins or gazebos, take a look at our website or ask one of our dealers in your region.

Frequently asked questions

The manual will be added to your package and is included in the sports bag with small material.