Paint Treatments and Impregnation

Paint Treatments and Impregnation

Do you treat your log cabin, garage or summerhouse?

We explain the best paint treatments and impregnation for your Woodpro garden shed. Do you choose pre-treatment, pressure impregnation or painting? We recommend having your log cabin treated both inside and out before installation to ensure it is protected from all weather conditions. If you prefer not to do this yourself, we will be happy to do it for you.

It is highly recommended that the wood is impregnated with a suitable treatment. A moisture-regulating coating should be used that is durable, elastic and allows the wood to breathe. You should also consider a paint that provides UV ray protection. Never use a paint or clear varnish on the outside.

We deliver our products untreated unless otherwise stated. Woodpro can pre-treat your product before delivering it to you.
We use a high quality and environmentally friendly product to pre-treat your building. Below you can see all the options you can choose from.


Pre-treatment spray impregnation

We recommend that you spray impregnate your log cabin both inside and out. This treatment will protect your summerhouse from fungi and rot as well as UV radiation and various weather conditions. Because the primer is applied before assembly, all the corners and nooks that are normally difficult to access already have a protective coating. With spray impregnation, you can choose between five translucent colours: colourless, white, graphite, brown and light grey.

You don’t want to spray impregnate your log cabin yourself? Let us pre-treat your garage or log cabin in our factory to save you the work. The structure will then be protected for the first six to twelve months. After that, you only need to paint the exterior surface.




Painting Woodpro Modern line

Only in our Woodpro Moderne line is it possible to have the walls painted by us.

In contrast to the classic log house construction, the modern line can be recognised by the post construction.

  1. The inside and outside of the walls, canopies and posts of our summerhouses can be pre-treated with a transparent primer (see pre-treatment/spray impregnation).
    The outside can then be painted in a colour of your choice. You can do this yourself or have us do it for you.
  2. You can specify the colour you want when you place your order. The posts and railings are painted all around, the walls only on the outside. With this treatment, your summerhouse will be protected for about 2-4 years. Depending on the location and weather conditions.

We use quality paint. This paint is water-based and therefore more environmentally friendly than oil-based paint.

With this paint your summerhouse is optimally protected against UV radiation, moisture, mould and rotting processes. You will achieve the best protection and the most beautiful result if you lightly sand and apply a coat of paint after assembly.

  • Walls are only painted from the outside. The inside is pre-treated with a transparent primer. If you wish, you can order paint cans in the same colours for the inside of the awning.

Woodpro pressure impregnation

Boiler pressure impregnation is available for garages, log cabins and summerhouses built with our log house construction system. During the treatment, the wood is filled into a sealed treatment vessel. A liquid containing an antifungal agent and a pesticide is then added. The vessel is then pressurised, forcing the liquid into the wood.

This impregnation method produces a brown finish. With pressure-treated wood, the colour eventually turns grey, so you don’t need to treat or paint it again. However, if you don’t like the grey colour, it can easily be painted over. After the wood has been pressure treated, there may be some residual swelling and the joints may be tighter during installation. Cracks and splits are more likely to occur in pressure treated wood, but this is natural.

Pressure impregnation is an alternative to treatment with paint. It is a treatment that protects your summer house or log cabin from dirt, mould and various weather conditions after installation. The wall sections are fully sprayed inside and out so that they are fully protected at all times.


What you should know about pressure impregnation

Pressure impregnated wood requires little maintenance and has a minimum life of ten years in all weather conditions. No further treatment, such as painting, is required with this treatment method.
If you have chosen an interior floor, this is also automatically pressure-treated.
To achieve the best possible penetration of the impregnation liquid, the wooden parts are stacked layer by layer. This means that when you assemble your garden shed, you will see “stained stripes” (see photo below). These will fade over time.

  • In the course of time, ageing occurs. Whether you like this is a matter of taste. To counteract this, the outside of the garden shed can be treated with a wood oil or with different colours.
  • Pressure impregnation involves forcing large amounts of liquid into the wood under high pressure. As the wood has to dry, the delivery time is two weeks longer.
  • The colour of the impregnation is brown.
  • When assembling, the wood may still be swollen and therefore more difficult to assemble. It is therefore advisable to let the wood dry at home for at least another four weeks.
  • Pressure impregnated wood can lead to faster drying cracks.
  • Pressure impregnation is thin-layered, so it will not peel or crack after a few years, just like paint and varnish.

Note: When setting up the pressure impregnated summer house or log cabin, one question often remains unanswered: Why is there a crack between the door and window frame and the wooden wall above? This also has to do with the pressure impregnation of your summer house or log cabin. In this case, it should be noted that the wood swells due to moisture during the pressure treatment. This crack disappears after about six weeks (depending on the weather conditions!). This is often a crack of about 6 cm. (Never fill it with a wooden slat!) After you have placed the cover strip over the door and window, this crack will practically no longer be visible. After the wood has dried completely, the wall boards will have shrunk so much that the gap is completely closed.


Treatment of doors and windows

Pre-treatment spray impregnation

Woodpro can also pre-treat your windows and doors for you with a spray impregnation. Here you can choose from five different colour options: colourless, white, graphite, brown and light grey. To prevent rotting and fungal problems, you must paint or varnish your doors and windows within a year of the pre-treatment. It is important to also treat the top, bottom and sides of the doors.

 paint treatments and impregnation



Of course, your doors and windows can be delivered already painted. They are spray impregnated twice before painting to protect them from all weather conditions. This protects your doors and windows for 2-4 years.


doors and windows paint treatments and impregnation

Which treatment do you prefer? Let us know when you order your log cabin, gazebo or garage. Discover our unique 3D configurator and create your own design or browse through our extensive range of standard garages, log cabins and gazebos.


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