The timber of Woodpro

The timber of Woodpro

High-quality timber from northern Europe

Woodpro uses the best quality spruce timber for its garages, gazebos and log cabins. The wood originates from northern European countries with cold climates. The trees grow slowly there, thanks to the cold temperatures. This means that the growth rings are closer together, resulting in timber that is more stable and durable. Wood shrinkage is minimised due to our use of special drying rooms, which kiln dry the timber to a moisture content of approximately 14%-16%. We cut all the wooden components ourselves to make sure that they fit together precisely. The corner joints of our log cabins and garages are highly water and wind-resistant.


Weatherproof your Woodpro summerhouse

Before assembling your summerhouse or log cabin, it is important to treat the timber beams with a suitable moisture-regulating timber protection agent. The only way to reach all the nooks and crannies is by doing this prior to assembly.

This should also be kept in mind when ordering paint. Try to use a moisture-regulating paint that will also protect your timber from UV radiation.

If you would prefer to have the building pre-treated before it is delivered to you then this is not a problem. With Woodpro your timber can be pre-treated in our factory. The timber will be protected for the first 6-12 months.

It is also possible to have the timber of your log cabin pressure treated. This involves loading the wood into a sealed treatment vessel and adding a fluid that contains an anti-fungal agent and a pesticide. The vessel is then pressurised, forcing the fluid into the wood.


We can also treat your doors and windows for you. Here you can choose whether your doors and windows should be painted or spray-impregnated. Windows and doors can not be pressure treated.


Natural timber

With our timber, we take care to ensure that it is as durable as possible by minimising the shrinkage and the expansion of the wood, which is mostly caused by atmospheric conditions. However, you have to bear in mind that the natural growth rings, knots, colour differences and growths and variations are caused by the natural variation of the tree. Trees have a natural look and that’s what makes them so special and calming.

We care for our environment

We take special care of our environment by keeping wood waste and residual waste to an absolute minimum. Additionally, all our gazebos, summerhouses and log cabins are fully recyclable and for every tree we use for one of our garages or log cabins we replant an average of 1.2 trees. Of course, all of our timber suppliers are also PEFC and FSC certified.


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