Small summer houses

Have you always wanted a summer house in your garden, but you only have a small garden? The summer houses we build are for almost any garden, from big summer houses to very small summer houses. We have a solution for almost every garden.

Small wooden summer houses from Woodpro are of very high quality. We produce our own wood in our own factory; this is why we can guarantee quality.

Small summer houses for your garden

First you have to think about what you want to do with your small summer house; for example, would you use your summer house as a shed for your garden tools? You might want to put a workbench in it, or even create a man cave. You can make the small garden house just as you always dreamed of. You can also choose a small garden house with a veranda to relax underneath.

Use our 3D configurator to create your own small summer house for your garden, just the way you would like. You can decide for yourself how big or small you want your summer house to be. Do you want a small summer house with a classic look or a more modern look? The possibilities are endless.

Our wood

As we already said, at Woodpro we produce our own wood in our own factory. This is why Woodpro provides a 5-year guarantee on manufacturing or construction defects with every garden summer house, whether the summer house is big or small.

The wood we use for our small summer houses comes from trees that grow in northern Europe. There the climate is cooler and the trees grow a little slower, which ensures that the annual growth rings are closer together; close annual rings make the timber durable and stable.

Design your own small garden summer house

With our 3D configurator you can design your own small garden house, exactly the way you want. The 3D configurator is easy to use, and you can see right away what the costs are for what you’ve chosen. And because you can see your small summer house in 3D, you can immediately visualise how it looks in your garden.

You might, for example, choose to make a small corner summer house, so it takes less space in your garden.
Woodpro also has many standard models in many looks; take a look at our collection on our website. Would you like a standard model but slightly modified with maybe another door – this is also possible. Ask our dealers for more information.

At Woodpro we hope that you find the perfect small summer house for you.

Frequently asked questions

The garden sheds may only be erected on a foundation that is 100% level. Please check this before assembly. If the foundation is poor, we strongly advise against building the house. This will inevitably lead to unnecessary and unpleasant problems, such as cracks in the walls or badly closing windows and doors. We accept no liability or guarantee for complaints caused by a poor foundation. Ask for advice from a Lugarde expert in your area.