Summer houses

Are you wondering what might be a good addition to your garden or have you ever thought about adding a summer house? Woodpro offers a wide range of cheap summer houseslog cabinswooden gazebos and wooden garages. It’s lovely to enjoy warm weather in your garden. Although this sounds perfect, it can sometimes get to warm and you might want a separate indoor area to relax in. A wooden summerhouse is just what you’re looking for. Whether it’s big or mini summer house, a wood summer house gives you somewhere to relax that isn’t your house, giving you that holiday feeling in your own garden.

Wooden summer houses for sale

You can decorate your wooden garden house in numerous ways, making it your perfect dream oasis. You could turn your wood garden summer house into a spa, perhaps adding a jacuzzi, or instead turn it into a yoga studio or a real man-cave. Or you could furnish it with loungers, creating the perfect spot to read a book.

It could also be a great place to have a drink with your family and friends. If you prefer being busy, you could use it as your hobby space – maybe for making music or exercising? Anything is possible if you create your own personal space in a summer house. At Woodpro we have the most beautiful wooden summer house for sale!

A summer house is also great for storage

If you have a lot of things to store and you need some extra room, summer houses with shed attached could be the perfect solution, offering plenty of extra space. It doesn’t matter if you need a lot of storage space or just a little bit, big summer houses are always a great solution for a lack of storage space.

A garden house combines relaxing and practical

A summer house flat roof will look stylish in your garden. A large summer house with a shed attached can add depth to both garden buildings, especially if they are of different sizes. You can create interesting and creative shapes when you combine a summer house with a shed, bringing some eye-catching design into your garden.

You’ll have your friends and family green with envy  at such a great garden building. If you need any help with the design, we are always happy to assist our customers with choosing the best options.

Design your ideal garden building

Woodpro offers many standard models that use several different construction systems for summer houses wood. Therefore, there are many options to choose from for your summer house. There are also several wooden summerhouses available which have more than one room. This makes it possible to use one room as a lounge area and the other for storage, for example. You can even change some aspects of these garden buildings to add a personal touch.

Would you like to create the garage summer house of your dreams? Woodpro has the perfect tool to design your own house – our unique 3D Configurator. In our Configurator, you can design your very own bespoke summer house, choosing the length and height of the walls, the type of roof, the types of windows and doors, and even the colours of all the different parts. This makes your summer house truly your own personal design. You can also add internal walls or a separate attached building if you want to have a combination summer house and shed.

The prices are calculated automatically as you design the building for your garden. Therefore, you can always see the exact cost of the changes you have made, and any parts you have added or removed. Therefore there will be no unpleasant surprises when you come to place your order through the Configurator. Woodpro’s 3D Configurator gives you the exact summer house you want for the price you expect.

Find your nearest dealer

Have you decided on a summer house that is perfect for you? Woodpro offers perfect off-the-shelf wood summer houses or alternatively you can design your own using our 3D Configurator. We supply our products through our dealer network. Would you like to know where your nearest dealer is? Use our dealer locator to find out and get their contact details. If you need any help with your design or would like more information about installation or prices, you can also contact us directly. Like our dealers, we will be very happy to help you create the perfect summer house in your garden. Don’t forget to check our corner summer houses, or modern summer houses. At Woodpro we have the most beautiful summer house for sale!

Frequently asked questions

The wood that Woodpro uses comes from the northern European countries where the climate is a lot cooler than here in the Netherlands. The low temperatures ensure that the wood gets a high quality.

The easiest way to use the configurator is to follow the instructions. Everything is explained in steps and in this way, you will get to your ideal design.

At Woodpro, you have a 5-year guarantee on manufacturing or construction defects. Other advantages include home delivery is included, high quality wood and the building plans are made especially for you.