Build your own summer house in 3D

Build your own summer house in 3D

Discover our 3D configurator and design your own garden house, summer house, log cabin, veranda or garage. Registration is free and without obligation. After registration, you can save your design(s) and continue working on your project anytime, anywhere. You can also show your design to friends and family.


Need help using the configurator? Take a look at the instructions below. Click on the question mark symbol in the configurator or call us. Design the summerhouse of your dreams and enjoy! You can use the configurator on a laptop or desktop, in Chrome or Firefox and not on tablets or mobile devices.

Create your perfect garden building, step by step.

Step 1: Choose your product

Choose your desired template. It is also possible to refine your search using the filters. Once you have found the template you want, click ‘start design’ and let your imagination run wild.



Step 2: Sizes, walls and canopies

Select the shape, cross-section and dimensions of your garden building here. Click with your mouse on the wall to select it, with which you can click and drag to the left or right, and enlarge or reduce its dimensions. Click on the wall and you will see a list of options. If you select the canopy option, you can enlarge or reduce the canopy by dragging the large dotted line. Click on the wall or the dotted line to see the available options.


Woodpro 3D-configurator preview, stage - choose your walls.

Step 3: Roof

Here you can choose between the different roof styles. Select your desired roof type. If you choose a gable roof, the roof shingles are included. You can choose between five colours: black, blue, brown, green or red.


Woodpro pyramid roof summerhouse 3D-configurator preview.

Step 4: Door types

Select the door you want. The plus sign (+) on the map indicates where the selected door would fit. Click the + sign at the desired location and the door will be positioned.

Woodpro pyramid roof summerhouse with balustrades 3D-configurator preview.

Step 5: Window types

At the bottom of the screen, you can select windows. All our windows are double-glazed as standard. Select the desired window and add it to the plan by clicking on the +. Would you like additional windows? Select another window and add it in the same way. The ‘+’ indicates the locations in your plan where the selected window fits.

Woodpro Prima system summerhouse 3D-configurator preview.

Step 6: Colour treatments

Your log cabin or canopy can also be treated. You can choose from the various colours and treatments available here. Each treatment has its own advantages.

  • Spray impregnation: in white, graphite grey, brown or light grey.
  • Chain pressure impregnation: in brown.
  • Paint treatment: in dust grey (RAL 7037) or pure white (RAL 9010)


Select the desired treatment and our configurator will automatically adjust it in your 3D model. You can choose up to three different colours per building. More information on treatments can be found in the configurator itself or on our webpage with different options for your log cabin.


Woodpro pyramid roof summerhouse with factory treatment 3D-configurator preview.

Step 7: Other options

Now that the base of your log cabin or garage is complete, you can select the finish. There are many options that can be added, for example an interior floor. You can view and select all available options in this step. It is also possible to order additional paint at this point.

Woodpro 3D-configurator preview, stage - choose your options.

Step 8: Finalisation

If you click on the (cart), you can see the selections you have made at each step. You can see a summary of the details for each step by clicking the (information) button. If you need help with your design, click on the (question mark).


Woodpro 3D-configurator preview, completion stage.


Do you have any questions or need more information? If so, please contact us. We will be happy to help you!

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NEW – View design in Augmented Reality!

It is possible to view the design you create in Augmented Reality, allowing you to place the design to scale in your own garden. The augmented reality button appears directly in the configurator. When you click it and follow the instructions, you will receive an e-mail. The e-mail contains further instructions, with a mobile phone it is then easy to place the garden house in the garden yourself. After this, you can completely check whether the garden house fits, walk around it and even look inside.

Woodpro AR Augmented Reality

Design your own dream home

Want to create your own log cabin? Try our 3D configurator! You can use the configurator on a desktop or laptop, in Firefox or Chrome. Would you like us to create a design?

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Our 3D configurator works best on a desktop or laptop computer. It is not designed to work on tablets or mobile devices.