Our customer benefits

Our customer benefits

Options included

Woodpro offers high-quality products for reasonable prices. We can be sure that our products are top quality as they are made in our own factory. Our focus on quality and attention to detail are reflected in our finished products and are definitely noticeable in all our log cabins, garages and gazebos. The following features come as standard with all our products and are included in the price.

Key features of our windows & doors

  • Very robust and solid construction
  • Fitted with double-glazed units
  • Sealed with a silicone sealant to prevent water ingress
  • Drainage holes included as standard
  • Made from laminated timber to prevent warping
  • Fitted with high-quality cylinder locks that meet European standards
  • Fitted with draught-excluding rubber seals as standard
  • Chrome-coloured door handles included
  • Adjustable split hinges (three-way adjustability) fitted as standard
  • Doors fitted with an aluminium wear strip to protect the threshold
  • Window crossbars have a modern appearance with a unique and simple click-in clip system

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  Woodpro double glazing Woodpro door fittings


Roofing options

  • Roofing shingles are included for apex roofs. You have a choice of black, blue, brown, green or red.
  • Flat roofs are delivered with a complete roofing kit including an EPDM rubber sheet, roof drainage outlet, adhesive kit and wide aluminium roof trims

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Our posts and feet

  • Supporting posts are pressure treated
  • 9 cm x 9 cm laminated timber is used

High-quality timber

  • We use only high-quality timber that originates from northern European countries with cold climates. The lower temperatures cause the trees to grow more slowly, meaning that the growth rings are closer together and the wood is more stable and durable
  • Our timber is kiln dried to a moisture content of approximately 14%-16% in a special drying room , thus reducing subsequent shrinkage
  • We keep wood waste and sawdust to a minimum and reuse it for other purposes

Other advantages

  • High-quality log-cabin construction system
  • Construction plans are made especially for you
  • Home delivery included
  • Simple instructions for easy assembly
  • Foundation/ring beams are made from pressure-treated timber
  • 5-year guarantee on manufacturing or construction faults.

Find out more about our key features in the 3D-configurator

You can discover all of our products’ key features in our unique 3D-configurator, which you can use to design garages, log cabins and more. You can select your preferred features and view them in a 360° simulation.

Optional extras

In addition to our standard options we also offer many optional extras for our garages, log cabins and gazebos. You can choose from different windows and doors and a variety of colour treatments.


Do you have any questions or would you like more information about our standard options? Please contact us via our contact form or by giving us a call. We will be happy to assist you!