Summer house with storage

Do you like to sit outdoors enjoying the summer or chill with your friends? But do you also need a space to store your garden tools? Look no further. Woodpro has many options for your summerhouse with storage. If you need some extra space to store a lot of stuff, or even just a little, a summer house with a storage shed is a great solution.

Summerhouse with shed storage

It’s the perfect combination. If it’s about tools you use in the garden, tools to fix your car, or just things that you don’t know where to put, build a summer house with storage attached to your garden. Woodpro has many options for the perfect summer house with side storage.

Use our 3D configurator to create the summer house with storage that you’d love to have. You can design your garden summer house with storage to be the exact size you require and the possibilities are almost limitless.

You also can choose a summer house and storage with a veranda. This way you can still enjoy the summer when it’s too hot to sit in the sun, and also use the storage space to store your things neatly. In a summer house with side storage, you can install storage cupboards to neatly organise your things.

Design your own summer house with storage

With our 3D configurator you can design summer houses with storage to be the way you’d like. You can decide for yourself how big your small summer house with a storage shed should be. In the configurator, you adjust the building dimensions to your wishes.

You can easily choose a summer house with side storage and a veranda, so you can enjoy sitting outside, and at the same time keep your stuff inside.

There are two options for your roof; you can take a flat roof or an apex roof. It’s possible to choose the colour you would like your summer house to be, and how many windows or doors you want in it. There are enough ways to make your summer house the perfect summer house with a handy storage place.

Do you find it difficult to decide what summer house storage you want? Our professionals are ready to help you. You can also go to one of our dealers nearby.

The quality of our wood

At Woodpro we only use high-quality wood from our own factory. Your summer house with storage is made of wood that comes from trees that grow in northern Europe. There the climate is cooler than in the Netherlands, and, due to the low temperature, the result is high-quality wood.
Check our website for more ideas about our standard summer houses with storage

Frequently asked questions

From the design of our building systems to the assembly instructions, care has been taken to make assembly as easy as possible. All important assembly steps are explained in detail for you and you can watch assembly videos on our website. We receive positive feedback from many customers in this regard. If you have any further questions, please contact your dealer.