Insulated summer house

Do you want to use your summer house throughout the whole year? Or do you, for example, want to use your summer house as a man cave? It is important that you insulate your summer house, so it is nice and warm all year round. 

Types of insulated summer houses

You can choose full summerhouse insulation, but you can also choose to insulate only the floor, roof or walls. 

Floor insulation

If you’re going to use your summer house as a yoga room or a massage room, then floor insulation is the best option for you.

Your feet will stay nice and warm when you walk around barefoot in your insulated summer house. Floor insulation consists of thermal plates installed between the kettle pressure floor beams.

Roof insulation

When you choose a roof-insulated garden house, the heat will stay inside and won’t disappear through the roof.

Roof insulation has the following features: 1.57-inch insulation boards under the roof, easy to install, environmentally friendly, waterproof, and much more.

Wall insulation

When you choose to place heaters in your summer house, then we recommend wall insulation. The heat from the heating will circulate in your summer house and it will stay nice and warm. Wall insulation has the following features: 0.75-inch-thick plates; easy to install; damp-proof foil; 1.81-inch, high-standard insulation boards.

As you can see, there are many ways to get your summer house insulated. You can choose just one type of insulation or have a fully insulated summer house. Insulation can be installed in every summer house; it doesn’t matter if you want an insulated big summer house or a small insulated summerhouse. There are enough possibilities.

The doors and windows we deliver come standard with HR++ double glazing. This is one reason our summer houses are ideal for insulating.

Why Choose Woodpro for Your Insulated Summer House

At Woodpro, we take pride in delivering top-quality insulated summer houses that provide comfort, style, and durability. Our commitment to customer satisfaction drives us to offer the best insulation solutions, ensuring your space remains cozy, even in the harshest weather conditions.

With a wide range of customization options, you can design your insulated summer house to match your unique preferences and requirements. Whether you want additional features, different finishes, or specific dimensions, we’ve got you covered.

If you want more information about our fully insulated summer houses, contact one of our dealers. Look on our website to find the nearest dealer.

Frequently asked questions

The manual will be added to your package and is included in the sports bag with small material.