Bespoke summer house

Bespoke summer house


A bespoke summerhouse must be extremely expensive, surely? Not when you buy a Woodpro summer house! We deliver direct to your home, cutting out the middleman, and allowing us to offer you the best price. We offer a wide range of beautiful summer houses and you can also choose a custom-made summer house. Moreover, you can also create your very own custom summerhouse, starting with a blank template. You are able to select from a variety of gazebo and log cabin templates. The advantages of a bespoke summer house compared to choosing an existing model are very convincing.

  • First, you can get creative and let your own design ideas flow into the custom-built garden summer house.
  • In addition, everyone has different requirements for their summer house: you get to decide, for instance, where exactly you’d like to have the doors and windows.
  • Furthermore, with your own design, you are creating a unique summer house that is unlike anyone else’s. By creating your own bespoke summer house you can also create a special atmosphere and ensure that it fits your garden, and its style, perfectly.

Build a custom summer house with our 3D-configurator

On our website, you will find a free configurator to help you create your own bespoke summer houses. It offers you the opportunity to create your bespoke garden building online in the comfort of your own home! You can use the tool to radically change the look of the summer house. During the first step, the thickness of the walls and the height of the building are selected. Next, you choose the roof type: either a flat one or one with an apex. Throughout the design process, we provide you with relevant information: in this case about roof types. For example, a flat roof offers the advantage that you can cover it with a single sheet of EPDM. EPDM has an exceptionally long lifespan, requires minimal maintenance, is root-resistant and has great UV-resistance properties.

It will protect the roof and a green roof can be installed on top of it. In the fifth step, you can choose one or multiple doors from a huge variety of designs. Doors can be a single door, a set of double doors or a garage door. For a breathtaking view of your garden, you can also choose the windows for your bespoke summer house. We offer twelve different types so that everyone can find the perfect solution. Finally, you can decide if you want the whole summer house or just the windows and doors treated at the factory to preserve the wood. The last step involves selecting your chrome fittings, deciding if we should cut in with the paint around the windows and doors, and ordering paint.

Special features of the Configurator

To help you create the best bespoke summer house, our Configurator has some special features. The most important is that you can view your design and the objects you add in 3-D, enabling you to rotate the design to see what the changes you are making will look like. We have also included a tutorial to help guide you through using the Configurator. If the tutorial does not provide the assistance you require, simply click on the menu button and a member of our team will be happy to help you.



Completing your bespoke summer house

If you are happy with your bespoke summer house, you can complete the Configurator process by entering your telephone number, adding any comments you feel are necessary and sending your design to us. As the last step, we will show you a breakdown of all the components you have chosen for your garden building with their prices, as well as the final price for your bespoke summer house. If you are happy with this, your summer house is ready to be manufactured. Alternatively, if you wish to make changes, you can return to the earlier steps and make changes at any time. We will also provide you with a detailed overview of the dimensions of your summer house. If you wish to, you can also save your design to show it to your family and friends or place your order at a later date. Are you interested in creating bespoke summer houses in the UK? Then do not wait any longer. On our website, you will find everything you need to start designing it straight away! For the best prices and excellent quality, choose Woodpro.