12x10 summer house

When you have space in your garden but you don’t know for sure what you want to do with it, we have a great solution for you: a summer house. You can build different sizes of summer house, such as a 12x10 summer house.

Why a summer house 12×10?

You can build a 12×10 summer house for different reasons. Here are some of those reasons: an office, if you work a lot at home and you need a space to work quietly; or your own fitness room, if you don’t like large gyms – you can put some fitness equipment in your summer house and you have your own gym; it’s also possible to make a bed and breakfast out of it, so people can stay over in your summer house; if you put a sauna in your 12×10 summer house you have a wellness centre in your garden; or if you want a place to invite your friends and family over for a drink or to play games you can build a man-cave or bar.

As you can see, there are many options for your 12×10 summer house.

Choose your summer house

Take a look at the standard 12×10 summer houses that are on our list. You can choose a summer house 12×10 in combination with a shed and a veranda, using the shed for storage or an office, and the veranda to sit underneath out of the rain.

If you have looked at Woodpro’s standard summer houses but you didn’t find one you liked, you always can design one of your own with our 3D configurator. Our 3D configurator is easy to use, and you can put all your creativity into it. On our website there are instructions on how to use the configurator.

What about when you know how your 12×10 summer house should look but you find it hard to use our configurator? No problem – our professionals are ready to help you. Take a look at the website to find the nearest dealer; you can always call them or visit them and get inspired.

Who are Woodpro

At Woodpro we have been building summer houses, log cabins and gazebos for more than 40 years. We are a family company with more than 100 staff members. We produce everything ourselves, from planting the trees to building the 12×10 summer house in your garden. That’s why we are able to give you good quality for a good price.

The wood of the trees we use for the summer houses has finely spaced annual rings, making the wood more durable and stable.

Woodpro’s headquarters are in Laren (Netherlands), but we are active on the worldwide market. We are the market leader in the Netherlands and the UK. With Woodpro you always get good value for money and we always deliver extra benefits.

As you can see, we have a lot of experience in building summer houses. So don’t hesitate if you have a question or if you are not sure what fits best in your garden. We want you to be happy with the 12×10 summer house in your garden.

Frequently asked questions

The wood that Woodpro uses comes from the northern European countries where the climate is a lot cooler than here in the Netherlands. The low temperatures ensure that the wood gets a high quality.