10x10 summer house

Did you always want a 10x10 summer house but never knew where you could get it? At Woodpro there are many options for you. With more than 40 years of experience, Woodpro has the right product for you. You could choose a 10x10 summer house, a 10 x 10 corner summer house or maybe just a small summer house in your garden. There are many options you can think of, and with our 3D-configurator you can design and create your own perfect 10x10 summer house.

Are you creative enough to design your own bespoke 10x10 summer house? Check everything you need to know in the text below.


There are of course several things you need to know before you buy a 10 x 10 summer house. First things first, what kind of wood does Woodpro use for your summer house? The wood that Woodpro uses comes from the most northern countries of Europe.

There the climate is very cold, and this means the wood is of much better quality. This relates to the fact that the trees grow a lot slower in these colder countries.

Also, because Woodpro dries the wood in special chambers, the wood inherits a much better quality. When the wood is prepared for 10 x 10 summer houses, it will also be treated. There are different kinds of protection that can be added – exactly what, you have to choose for yourself.

A 10 x 10 summer house with our 3D-configurator

You can make your own design with our 3D configurator. A 10 x 10 summer house is not a standard design; you have to create it for yourself. The first thing you have to choose for this is whether you want to enhance an existing design or start with a blank template. Once you have decided that, you have made the first big choice. After this you will start with the configuration.

You have access to a 3D design on which you can see all the changes you make. For example, what kind of wall thickness do you want for your 10 x 10 summer house – 28 mm or 44 mm? The second choice concerns the kind of roof you would like. Do you want an apex roof or a flat roof? The third and fourth choices are practical as well; they concern the windows and doors.

The door choices you pick from here are single doors, double doors or garage doors. You might also choose several styles; you do not have to take just one. It is the same with the windows. You can choose from fixed windows, top-hung windows, casements windows and tilt-and-turn windows. The fifth step concerns the choice of treatment for the 10 x 10 summer house, its windows and doors. Also, one of the last choices you need to make is whether or not you want an internal floor in your 10 x 10 summer house.

Choose carefully and maybe one of our summer houses will be in your garden by next summer! Do not wait any longer. Check all the options and possibilities on our website.

Frequently asked questions

The wood that Woodpro uses comes from the northern European countries where the climate is a lot cooler than here in the Netherlands. The low temperatures ensure that the wood gets a high quality.