12x6 summer house

You want a summer house, but you think the size you need is different from standard summer houses. Don’t look any further. At Woodpro we can build summer houses of almost any size: for example a 12x6 summer house.

You can use a 12x6 summer house in many ways, such as a place to put your bikes or scooter. It’s also a great place to store your garden tools in.

12×6 Summer house and associated options

If you want a 6×12 summer house you have to first think what you want to do with it. After that you can start to design your 12×6 summer house accordingly.

If you start to build your summer house with our 3D configurator, you have to first choose the template you want to use. Once you have chosen the template that you like, you have to alter the walls to the right size. Click on the button on the right side of the screen to see your 12×6 summer house in 3D.

With the next steps you can choose which roof type you want, what kind of doors and windows you want, which treatments you want to give your summer house, and at the end you can choose between some other extra options.

With every change you make, you can see the price, according to those options, for your 12×6 summer house.

It is also possible to add a veranda, to create the ultimate holiday feeling in your garden.

Frequently asked questions

The wood that Woodpro uses comes from the northern European countries where the climate is a lot cooler than here in the Netherlands. The low temperatures ensure that the wood gets a high quality.