Corner summerhouse

A corner summerhouse is the perfect timber structure for all types of small gardens: city gardens, small back gardens and courtyard gardens. Our compact, space-saving summerhouse designs and cost-effective assembly make it possible for anyone to set up an outdoor lounge area with a veranda, a shed or a storage area, even in the tightest of garden corners.

Corner summerhouse as a shed or a storage area

Even the smallest garden is big enough to offer the possibility of extending the living area outdoors, using a small summerhouse with a shed. Moreover, having a summerhouse with a shed will not only save on floor space but will also give you a landscaped corner where you can enjoy time by yourself or with family and friends.

However, if you are looking for a more practical addition to your garden, a corner summerhouse with a storage area is the right option for you. Every inch counts in small spaces, and a corner summerhouse with a storage area will make use of every scrap available.

Corner summerhouse with a veranda

A corner summerhouse with a wooden veranda will help you get the most out of your garden! Garden buildings have been an integral part of British gardens for decades, usually used either for extra storage space or to create an outdoor lounge area. The luxury of a garden lounge area isn’t only available to the owners of large gardens.

If your tiny city garden has an unused corner that has been abandoned for years, a corner summerhouse with a veranda will help you to liven it up, giving you the chance to enjoy an outdoor lounge or a dining area. Design your summerhouse with our 3D-configurator!

Frequently asked questions

We do not build our houses. We work with dealers in the Netherlands where you can also view our houses. In many cases, they can take the assembly work off your hands by offering an assembly service or advising an assembly company.