Roofing & flooring options

Roofing & flooring options

What type of roof would you prefer on your log cabin?

At Woodpro we offer two different roof types for your garage, log cabin or wooden gazebo – an apex roof and a flat roof. With our apex roof the roof shingles are included in the price. Likewise, for flat roofs we deliver a complete roofing kit comprising an EPDM rubber sheet, a roof drainage outlet and an adhesive kit. 



We also supply wide aluminium roof trims to finish off the edges.




If you are interested in other roof coverings, our dealers will be happy to assist you.

Flat roof


With every flat roof we deliver an EPDM roofing kit. The EPDM roof covering is not only highly resistant to UV radiation but is also very durable. Additionally it requires minimal care and has a lifespan of approximately 50 years according to the SKZ testing institute. As mentioned previously, the kit also includes a drainage outlet, a bitumen adhesive kit and aluminium trim.

Apex roof


Our Woodpro apex roofs consist of the roof itself and the joists. The roof is built from tongue-and-groove beams, where each piece fits perfectly into the next like puzzle pieces. Our roof joists are available in various different thicknesses. Roof shingles are included and you have a choice of black, blue, brown, green or red shingles. Fascia boards are also included and come in different styles depending on whether you opt for the flat roof or the apex roof.

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Internal floors for your log cabin

Woodpro offers the option of equipping your log cabin with an internal floor, enabling you to use your log cabin as an additional living space. Our internal flooring consists of 19 mm thick tongue-and-groove wooden planks and floor beams, which are pressure treated. Our internal floors are complemented by skirting boards for a luxurious look. We always recommend adding an internal floor to protect your log cabin from damp and for a greater level of comfort.



If you have any questions or would like to receive additional information about our roofs and floors, please feel free to contact us at any time via our contact form or by phone, or find your nearest dealer. We will be happy to assist you!