Range of optional extras

Range of optional extras

At Woodpro we include a lot in the price as standard. Take a look at the features included in the standard package. However, you can also choose from many optional extras. You will find the full range of options below.

Options for doors and windows

  • Painted windows and doors with a clear base coat/primer and two layers of paint
  • Different styles of windows, for example, tilt-and-turn
  • Different styles of doors, for example, double doors

Woodproo windows and doors

(Colour) treatment

If you want to protect your log cabin from the elements, you can choose between a spray pre-treatment and pressure treatment.

Spray pre-treatment

If you choose the spray pre-treatment/factory finish, then both sides of the beams will be pre-treated with a base coat/primer. Your garage, log cabin or gazebo will be immediately protected against the build-up of fungus and the potential for rotting. You have a choice of four different transparent colours or a colourless base coat.

You will need to apply a top coat to your garage, log cabin or gazebo, ideally as soon as possible but definitely within 12 months on the exterior. With the white pre-treatment/factory finish this top coat needs to be applied within six months and with the colourless base coat, it needs to be applied immediately after assembly.

You can choose to have each element of your building pre-treated/factory-finished in a different colour:

  • Windows and doors: one colour
  • Walls and roof: one colour
  • Internal floor: one colour


Factory painted

  • Prefer not to paint your own doors and windows? No problem, we can do this for you!
  • We will paint the windows and doors with a clear base coat/primer and two layers of paint.
  • Protection normally lasts 5-6 years, depending on exposure.
  • Doors are painted prior to glazing and assembly.
  • Your building is treated with top-quality paint. This provides excellent protection against UV radiation and fungus and helps to regulate moisture.

For windows and doors you can choose between these colours:

Pressure treatment

It is possible to pressure treat the wood, which produces a pleasant brown colour. The pressure-treating system involves loading the wood into a sealed treatment vessel and adding a fluid that contains an anti-fungal agent and a pesticide. The vessel is then pressurised, forcing the fluid into the wood. After subjecting the wood to this treatment the timber will require little maintenance but will still require treatment to prevent water ingress. The wood will turn silvery grey after a period of time due to the combination of the pressure treatment and UV exposure. You can leave the wood this colour or apply wood oil or high-quality exterior-grade paint or stain. Pressure-treating extends the lead time for your cabin by approximately two weeks due to the required drying time.


Log-cabin construction system

Our log cabins are manufactured with a corner cross-over joint that is both high wind and water resistant. Log cabins can be produced in many sizes and offer almost limitless design possibilities.

Woodpro offers two wall thicknesses with diamond-cut ends:

Woodpro.com logotype - log cabin diamond cut logs 44 mm.


  • Roof shingles are included, in a choice of five colours: black, blue, brown, green or red.
  • A complete roofing kit comprising EPDM rubber sheet, roof drainage outlet and adhesive kit (flat roofs only).
  • Wide aluminium roof trims to finish off the roof edges

Want to know more about the options? Discover them all in our 3D-configurator.

All our options for garages, log cabins, gazebos and more can be found in our 3D-Configurator! Try it now and view your design in 360-degree splendour.


If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the extra options we offer, please contact us. We will be happy to help!