Summerhouses what are the options?

Summerhouses what are the options?


Are you looking for an summerhouse? And you not really sure what kind of summerhouse you want to buy? At Woodpro there are many options to choose of when you think of a summerhouse. Different roof tops, many colours, many sizes and you could design your own summerhouse with our 3D-configurator.

Light and a lot of space

Enough light, a lot of space, you can sit outside and inside, what do you want anymore? The many options from Woodpro are priceless.


Many options

Because of the many options from Woodpro and the 40 years of experience you will have the best change to succeed your search. You could always use our  3D-configurator to design your own summerhouse.  And every time you could change youre own personalised design.




Are you inspired to have the log cabin of your dreams? Take a look through our amazing range of log cabins, gazebos and verandas or design your own with our unique 3D-configurator!