Wooden gazebo with sides

Are you thinking about changing your garden into a lively summer venue for friends and family? Choose for wooden gazebos with sides from Woodpro and you have a perfect retreat in your garden to relax in during the summer BBQ’s. At Woodpro we offer you a wide range of styles and sizes, so a wooden gazebo would fit in your garden every time. Think about last summer, did you have to go back in the house every time there was an occasional summer shower? This year could be different, build a wooden gazebo with sides and roof in your garden and the occasional shower is no problem at all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

From which area does Woodpro's wood come from?

The wood comes from the northernmost countries of Europe because there is a cooler climate. As a result, the trees grow more slowly, giving the wood a long shelf life and high quality.

What is the 3D configurator?

The 3D configurator is a tool to create a perfect design for your own summerhouse. All sizes, colours, doors and windows can be adjusted so that you can design the summerhouse that suits you best.

What should I do if a construction fault occurs?

Because you have a 5-year warranty, all construction and manufacturing faults will be reimbursed. Because of the guarantee, you don’t have to worry. Other advantages are that the building plans are made especially for you and the home delivery is included.