Design your own garden building in 3D

Design your own garden building in 3D

With our 3D-configurator you can create your own summerhouse, log cabin, wooden garage or gazebo in just a few steps – and view it from every desired perspective. Woodpro has designed and produced garden buildings and canopies for more than 38 years. We have taken advantage of our vast experience in bespoke design and high quality processing to develop a unique configurator. The configurator shows accurately what you have designed. So you will know before ordering what will soon be standing proudly in your garden. You can now not only ask for a quote via our product pages on the website but you can also design your own bespoke garden building with our 3D-configurator. Go to the step-by-step instruction and the configurator!

Development of the configurator

We spent about 10 months to ensure the configurator was able to freely adjust measures, shapes, colours and further options to meet your individual requirements. We placed particular emphasis on both ease of use and realistic visualization. The configurator is accessible from any usual web browser without any further software installation.

Accurate customization

The configurator considers constraints and preferences caused by exact modifications of measures, different types of roofs and adjustable wall heights. Canopies and roofing’s are optional with balustrades and additional walls will create a comfortable exterior for barbecues and more.

Range of diverse windows and doors

Doors and windows come in a range of variations and can be fitted precisely at the desired position.

Discover range of key features in the configurator

Woodpro, a producer of high quality garden buildings, offers many key features that are included in the price. You can see a lot of the advantages in the configurator. For example you can see the roof shingles that are standard on all apex roofs and the chrome and brass doors in 360°.

Additional options

For long term protection the summerhouses, log cabins and gazebos can be pressure treated, spray treated and painted in various colours in advance. Many additional options like a veranda floor, an inner floor and an attic will give you plenty of choice.

From classic to modern

Due to different construction systems, anything is possible from classic rustic style up to modern designs. There are no limits to your creativity and you can choose between the log building or the self-made and patented Prima-system.

What you see is what you get

With the Woodpro 3D-configurator you can view the designed garden building anytime during the adjustment in 360°. The zoom function means that you will not miss a single detail even the door fittings – a 3D-configurator which lives up to its name! Do you want to know more? Go to the step-by-step instruction and the configurator!

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