Are you wondering what would be a good addition to your garden, did you even think of a garden summerhouse?  Woodpro offers plenty of garden summerhouses which you can order online easily.

Are you wondering what would be a good addition to your garden, did you even think of a garden summerhouse?  Woodpro offers plenty of garden summerhouses which you can order online easily.

It is lovely to enjoy the warm weather in your garden summerhouse. Although this sounds perfect, sometimes this can get too warm and you might want a separate indoor area to relax in. A summerhouse is what you are looking for. Whether it is a big or small garden summerhouse, it gives you a place to relax inside while not being in your house. A summerhouse gives you a real vacation feeling in your own garden.

You can decorate your garden summerhouse in numerous ways. Therefore, you can make it your exact dream oasis. You can make your summerhouse a true wellness area, maybe you want to add a jacuzzi or perhaps turn it into a yoga studio or a real mancave. What if you would place a lounge set so you can enjoy your time reading a book. It is also a great place for having a drink with your family and friends. If you prefer being busy, it is also possible to practise your hobbies in your summerhouse. Maybe you are thinking of making music or doing fitness. Anything is possible to create your own personal space in your garden summerhouse.

Also great for storage

If you have a lot of belongings to store and you need some extra room a garden summerhouse could be a perfect solution. It gives you plenty of extra space. It does not matter if you need a lot of storage space or only a little bit. A summerhouse is always a great solution if you are having problems with storage space.

Combine relaxing and practical

A garden summerhouse looks stylish in your garden. One large garden summerhouse with a side shed adds depth to both garden buildings, especially if they have different sizes. You can create the most interesting and creative shapes when you merge a summer garden house with a shed. In this way, you can create a real eyecatcher for your garden. It is possible to make your family and friends jealous of envy with such a great garden building. If you need any ideas for the design, we are always happy to help our customers come up with the best designs.

Design your ideal garden summerhouse

Woodpro offers many standard models with several different construction systems when it comes to a garden summerhouse. Therefore, you have many options to choose from for your garden summerhouse. There are also multiple garden summerhouses available which have multiple rooms. This makes it possible to for example use one room as a lounge area and the other room for storage. You can change some aspects of these garden buildings to add a personal touch.

Would you like to create a garden summerhouse of your dreams yourself? Woodpro has the perfect tool to design your own house. Our unique 3D-configurator makes all of this possible. In this configurator you can design your own garden summerhouse. This means you can choose the length and height of the walls, the type of roof, the types of windows and doors and even the colours of all the different parts. This makes your summerhouse truly your own and personal garden summerhouse. You can also add inner walls or a separate attached building if you want to have a combination of a garden summerhouse and a shed.

When you are designing a building to place in your garden, the prices are calculated automatically. Therefore, you can always see the exact costs of the parts you have just changed, added or removed. There will be no surprise for you when you are placing an order through the configurator. The Woodpro 3D-configurator gives you the exact garden summerhouse you want for the exact price you are expecting.

Find the nearest dealer

Have you decided on a garden summerhouse that is the perfect building for you? Woodpro offers the perfect summerhouse for you or you can design it yourself using our 3D-configurator. We sell our products through our dealer network. Would you like to know which dealer is located near you? You can use our dealer locator to find out. You will also find their contact details there. If you need any help with your design or if you want more information about installation or the prices, you can also contact us. We are happy to help you realise your perfect summerhouse in your garden. The same applies for our dealers, of course.

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