Quality of a wooden summer house, how do you recognise it?

Quality of a wooden summer house, how do you recognise it?


If you buy a summer house, log cabin or veranda from us, you buy quality! But how do you recognise this quality? Maybe you’re still looking for a summer house and you’re not just looking at Woodpro’s houses. It is good to know the characteristics of high-quality summer houses. That’s why in this article, we provide tips on how to recognise the best quality. No matter how good our products are, you are of course free to look at other companies that sell wooden log cabins and summer houses. To make sure you have an eye for the right details, we will go through some aspects of log cabins for you. Let’s start with the wood, no doubt the most important thing when it comes to a log cabin.

The wood itself

The thickness of the wood is important for the quality of the house. So take a good look at the thickness of the wood for the house you have in mind. At Woodpro you can choose between different wood thicknesses, this is easy to adjust in our 3D configurator. In general we can say that a wood thickness of 28 mm or more represents good quality and provides a sturdy and solidly built house. At Woodpro you can choose between 28 and 44 mm. Furthermore, the wood must be strong and durable, and the wood we use at Woodpro comes from countries with a cold climate, which ensures that the trees grow slowly. As a result, the growth rings are close together and the wood becomes stronger.

Building system

In addition to the wood that is used, it is important to look at the construction system. This contributes greatly to the quality of a summer house. For example, a good system must offer strength and durability, but also leave room for the wood to expand and contract. So that no cracks can occur in the wood. At Woodpro we use a wood stacking system, so no nails or screws are needed to assemble the log cabin. Furthermore, this system provides the log cabin with a beautiful classic look.


With a good log cabin it is important to also have good roofing. It primarily has to do with the shape of the roof. For example, there are houses with a flat roof or with an apex roof. With an apex roof, shingles will have to be applied, which are included in the price at Woodpro. For a flat roof, we supply a complete set with EPDM rubber plate, a roof gland and a mounting kit. We also supply aluminium roof trims to finish the edges with. If you are going to compare summer houses, pay attention to the roofing.

Windows and doors

Also pay close attention to the doors and windows of a summer house or log cabin. Are these sturdy and of good quality? The windows and doors that we supply with our log cabins meet strict European standards with regard to quality, glazing and finishing. The glass we use is always double glazed and the frames of doors and windows are made of laminated solid wood that is 43 mm thick. In addition, the windows and doors are wind and watertight due to the use of rubber strips. There is a choice of side-hinged windows, top-hung windows and tilt&turn windows. Don’t forget to consider this when comparing summer houses or log cabins.


With a wooden summer house it is important to pay attention to the foundation. Of course, this is not directly related to the log cabin or summer house you choose, but it can ensure that you can enjoy it for longer. Make sure that the surface is always level and build the log cabin on a hard surface. For very large log cabins, we recommend creating a real concrete surface. If it is a small variant, the foundation can easily consist of tiled soil. You can always contact Woodpro or our dealers for any questions you may have about the foundation or other matters that are important when choosing the right log cabin or summer house.

Better eye for quality of a wooden summer house

After browsing through our article you will be all set to choose the perfect log cabin or the perfect summer house. Naturally, you have come to the right place if you want to opt for quality. Get started today with our 3D configurator and design your own custom log cabin. When you opt for a summer house or log cabin from Woodpro, you can be sure that you are getting very favourably priced summer house. We deliver custom-made products without extra cost and our products are supplied (as described) with double glazing as standard. If, after reading this article, you have questions about our products, please contact us. Would you like to stay up to date with our latest news and also receive our blog articles by e-mail? Then subscribe to our newsletter.