Bespoke wooden garage

Bespoke wooden garage


A garage is very practical when you want to store your vehicles or garden tools. It offers a lot of room for you, especially when you create it exactly according to your wishes. Therefore, a bespoke garage from Woodpro is the best choice. The big advantage of bespoke garages is that you do not need to be afraid that your vehicles, such as a big caravan, do not fit in there. You can choose the exact measurements that you need. Furthermore, you are able to design it yourself, which means you can get creative and make your own bespoke wooden garage according to your ideas. You can also choose what kind of door you want and include multiple bespoke wooden garage doors for different entrances. If your other garden furniture and decoration follow a special design, you are able to make your garden house fit perfectly. One of the most important characteristics of a garage is that it is sturdy and stands for a long time. This is why a bespoke wooden garage is the best. The wood from Woodpro comes from northern Europe, where the climate is colder. This climate causes the trees there to grow more slowly, which produces finer annual rings. This makes the wood that we process for our garden houses and garages very tough and resilient. At Woodpro we have the most beautiful wooden garages for sale.

3D-configurator to design your bespoke wooden garage

To create bespoke wooden garages, we offer you free software on our website. At Woodpro we have the most beautiful wooden garage for sale. With this, you can pick one of our garage templates and modify it as you see fit. In the first step, you are able to change the walls. This means you can choose the thickness and make them higher. Next, you choose the type of roof, doors and windows. In the next step, you can decide what kind of factory treatment your bespoke wooden garage should have. The last step is choosing the colours and other more detailed elements. In the completion, we offer you an overview of the costs of every specific element and the total amount. You also get an outline of the dimensions of your bespoke wooden garage. Moreover, you can save the design to show it to family and friends. Throughout the whole design process, we offer you a special 3D view so you can see exactly which elements you want to add to the wooden garage and you can take them away again if they do not look so good. You always get the opportunity to go back to previous steps and change the design.


We will help you with your creation

To get the best wooden garages in the UK according to your wishes we are happy to offer you our help. You can either contact our team through our social media channels like Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, or you can send us an email or call us. Are you interested in your own bespoke wooden garage? Then do not wait any longer and decide on a design you want. Woodpro offers many different opportunities to modify the design according to what you like. With the configurator software, the time to make compromises is over!