A modern and eco-friendly work environment

Can a garden office provide a work environment that meets the needs of a modern workforce and new entrepreneurs? It turns out that garden office buildings work quite well – and usually a lot better than crowded open offices or shared office spaces. Over the last few years, the nature of work and the way work is organised have changed dramatically, which has resulted in the growing popularity of remote working and working from home. This, in turn, has contributed to the development of garden-room office buildings, turning them into modern, multi-functional and eco-friendly home offices that provide the very best working environment in your own back garden. What are the main things to keep in mind when creating a professional yet contemporary work environment in your own garden? Read on!

A ready-made vs. a bespoke garden office

What’s the most important thing when you start planning a garden office? The process of planning an outdoor home office doesn’t really differ from planning a home construction or renovation project. The only thing that differs is, of course, the scale and the cost of the project. The first thing to think about is your current and possible future needs in regard to the work environment you want to create. Keep in mind that your business might grow, or that the nature of your remote work might change over the years! Therefore, planning ahead is key to deciding what type of garden office is most appropriate for you in terms of size, interior and facilities.Garden office

Depending on your needs, you can opt for either a ready-made home office or a bespoke design. Garden building suppliers offer a large selection of both tiny and spacious modular timber structures that are great for setting up an outdoor office with ergonomic workstations. However, a bespoke design allows you to design a modern and spacious log cabin office that might include, for example, a large co-working space, a room for meetings, a kitchen and a patio for rest breaks.

What is the best advice for a prospective garden office owner? Do your research – make sure that your purchase is wise and meets the requirements of a modern workplace. Before you make your final decision, find out what manufacturers are offering in terms of contemporary planning solutions – for instance, do they have a 3D-configurator that allows you to create a bespoke design or to modify their ready-made modular garden offices?

Outdoor garden office construction and insulation

A wooden garden office is a truly versatile structure that can be turned into almost any kind of office space or working environment you can imagine – from a spacious open office to a small beauty salon or a printing shop. However, referencing the analogy of home construction or renovation again, the process of setting up a modern and functional outdoor office doesn’t stop with finding the right timber structure. To make sure that it will serve its purpose for years to come and will provide the right office atmosphere in terms of temperature, humidity levels and air quality, it’s crucial to think carefully about the construction process. Why? Because even if you opt for the most expensive luxury outdoor office building, faulty construction could ruin it all.

The good news is that the construction of a modular (standard or bespoke) garden office is quite simple due to the building systems developed by manufacturers. The parts that do require your attention though are the construction of the foundation, the adding of insulation and the maintenance of the structure. The foundation will determine the sturdiness of your garden building; therefore, consult with the manufacturer to establish the best options for the type of soil in your garden and the garden building you are opting for. The same applies to insulation. And remember that insulation is absolutely necessary if you plan to use your outdoor office all year round – an insulated garden building will provide a pleasant indoor climate in all seasons.

Eco-friendly garden offices with built-in facilities

As mentioned, there are no limitations on how a garden office space can be used – it all depends on how the room is adapted for its intended use. When it comes to creating a modern work environment, garden buildings tick all the boxes, combining an eco-friendly timber structure with all the built-in facilities and technologies you might require. If you want your office space to be good for your health, as well as the environment, a wooden log cabin or summerhouse is the right choice, because it ensures better indoor air quality and has a lower ecological footprint due to its green building materials and energy efficiency. Being more sustainable and eco-friendly doesn’t mean it’s any less comfortable. All wooden garden buildings can be equipped with electricity, Internet, air conditioning and a water supply – basically almost anything you might wish for. In fact, lately, more and more garden building owners have chosen to power their log cabins with renewable energy via solar panels. And wouldn’t it be great to work in a healthy and sustainable structure that meets all the requirements of a modern work environment?Lugarde garden office

Garden office ideas for a modern workspace

Planning a garden office is a truly exciting process; however, to design a modern yet functional workspace in your own back garden, it’s worth taking a look at some interior ideas for your workspace as well. The most important aspect of a functional workspace with a welcoming atmosphere is the lighting. Therefore, a garden office with large windows that allow plenty of natural light in will both create the right atmosphere and positively affect the health and the mood of those working there. Secondly, you should have a dedicated room for breaks and meetings. A wooden garden office is especially suitable for this because it’s possible to include such a space when creating a bespoke design; however, you could also turn the canopy of an existing design into an outside relaxation area.

A good ambience internally is also crucial to creating a productive atmosphere in the office, and wooden bespoke home offices provide unlimited possibilities for this because the timber wall panels allow you to create a modern and sophisticated interior. In addition, it’s not a bad idea to combine work with relaxation – if you want to go even further, set up a garden gym or sauna for your employees.

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