Bespoke home office

Bespoke home office


Nowadays it is becoming very common to not only work at the office, but also from home. Most people use one room in their house for it. This often leads to problems. It might be either too loud or the space is just not enough. It is also very common to get easily distracted. Many people say that they work much more because they do not separate the space where they work and live. All of these problems can be solved with a bespoke home office in a garden house!







Advantages of a bespoke home office

A bespoke home office in your garden offers a lot of advantages. The first one is that you have your very own place where you can work undisturbed. This means no loud noises from your family and no getting distracted by other things. Moreover, you are going out of your house in the morning to work in your bespoke home office in the garden. This leads to a better separation of living and working space. The advantages of a custom-made garden house for your home office in contrast to a pre-designed one are also very convincing. Firstly, you can have the garden house for your bespoke home office fit perfectly in your garden. By designing it yourself and determining the exact size, the garden house matches your garden and fits right into it. Also, you have the chance to be creative and produce your own bespoke home office design for your garden. 

  This log cabin has an apex roof and double doors 

Our 3D-configurator

On our website we offer our 3D-configurator, using which you can create your bespoke home office in a garden shed. With this program you can choose whether you want to start with a blank template, or change an already existing model to include the things you want. In the next steps you choose the doors, windows and other features for the garden house in which you will set up your bespoke home office. In the completion you see all the prices of the elements you choose and the total amount. You can also save the design you made and share it on social media. Throughout the whole design process you get a good overview with our 3D-view. With this feature you can rotate the garden house design you have put together in any direction helping you make it look as realistic as possible. Moreover, we are always there to help you. To fulfil all your special wishes, it is of course important that you understand exactly how our program works. You can either contact us via the configurator or through our website. Furthermore, we are available on all our social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. If you want to have a personal conversation you can also call us and talk with one of our customer consultants. Are you interested in being able to work from your own bespoke home office? Then do not wait any longer, create your own garden house and benefit from all the advantages it offers. Just take a look at our website and use the configurator for your own design.