What are the advantages of boiler pressure impregnation?

What are the advantages of boiler pressure impregnation?


Have you chosen a summer house, log cabin or veranda? Then there is still the choice to have the wood treated. At Woodpro we offer the possibility to have the wood treated with boiler pressure impregnation. But what exactly is it and what are its advantages? In this article we explain it further. In order to extend the life of your summer house or log cabin as much as possible, it is important to treat the wood properly. This can be done by regularly staining the wood, but it can also be done by impregnating it. When we apply boiler pressure impregnation to the wood, further staining is no longer necessary.

What exactly is boiler pressure impregnation?

The word says it all, it’s a process that requires a big boiler. We place the wood in a large boiler in our factory, after which this boiler is vacuum drawn. By doing this, the oxygen in the wood is, as it were, pulled out. Then we fill the boiler with an impregnating agent. Once this is done, we further increase the pressure in the boiler, so that the wood can absorb the agent properly. All this is a computer-controlled process and ensures that the wood has a longer lifespan. woodpro wood garden

What exactly are the advantages?

After impregnation, the wood is low-maintenance and you may assume that the wood has a lifespan of at least ten years. Another advantage of impregnation is that all parts of the wood are treated the same way. So also all connections and corners are also treated with the agent. When you are going to stain a summer house that has already been installed, it is no longer possible to reach some places. Wood exposed to the elements will eventually start to grey. If you have a wooden garden table, you will surely recognise this. This is no different with our wooden summer houses. When boiler pressure impregnation is applied, the wood will still start to grey slightly over the years. This process can be counteracted by treating the house with, for example, an oil. woorpro wooden gardenhouse With a summer house that has been treated, no further treatment is required. Would you like to change the colour of the house? Then this is certainly still possible and you can colour it with a good stain.

What should you take into account?

If we are going to impregnate the wood, this generally results in a slightly longer delivery time, expect approximately two weeks. This has to do with the fact that the wood still has to dry after impregnation. When the house is about to be assembled, we often notice that the wood is still a bit swollen. Once the assembly is complete, it will take about six weeks before the wood has lost all its moisture. In the case of impregnation, it sometimes happens that a few cracks are visible after assembly. This will decrease over time and will not cause any further problems. woordpro wood garden When you opt for a summer house, log cabin, veranda or canopy from Woodpro, you can be sure that you are getting very favourably priced customisation without extra cost. In our products, we use the highest quality wood from Northern Europe. These countries have a cold climate, so the trees grow slower and the wood is more stable and durable. If, after reading this article, you have questions about boiler pressure impregnation or about our products, please feel free to contact us. Would you like to stay up to date with our latest news and also receive our blog articles by e-mail? Then subscribe to our newsletter.