Woodpro gives you smart tips on how to secure your summer house

Woodpro gives you smart tips on how to secure your summer house


Expensive tools, motorbikes, bicycles, fitness equipment, flat screen TV or perhaps a fully stocked bar! These are all things you can keep or store very well in the summer house. Of course, you don’t want other people to use this when nobody is at home or you are on vacation. That is why in this article we give tips on how to secure a summer house. When you opt for a summer house from Woodpro, you have already taken the first step in securing it properly. Our summer houses are supplied with double glazing and cylinder locks as standard. This makes it a lot more difficult for burglars to get into a summer house. But what else can you do?

Good locks

As you can read above, at Woodpro you get cylinder locks with the summer house as standard. But if you have a summer house where these locks are not yet present, then apply cylinder locks with a quality mark. In any case, it is a lot harder for burglars to break the lock and enter the summer house. Of course, it is good to choose the locks of a summer house carefully, but also think about what you keep in the summer house. Even if you have your motorbike or bicycles in the summer house, you should still lock them with a good and solid lock. A burglar will always want to take things in the shortest possible time. If you can slow this down with an extra lock, chances are a burglar won’t even try. Woodpro-Motor

Good lighting in the garden

Another tip that can work well is to place lights in the garden. You can set it with a timer, so that it switches on automatically every night. Nowadays there is also very smart lighting from Philips Hue, for example, which you can set to turn on when the sun goes down. In addition to a pretty look and a nice atmosphere in the garden, it also deters burglars, as they cannot enter the summer house unseen. Do you want to be extra safe with lighting? Then place an extra lamp with motion sensor, choose a bright spotlight, so that potential burglars are fully illuminated if they try to get into the summer house.

Film on the windows

If you have turned the summer house into an office and you have expensive laptops and computers there, it is good to cover the windows with burglar-proof film. This makes it more difficult to look through the glass and for a potential burglar to see what is in the summer house. Gravel around the summer house A smart tip is to ensure that any burglars can’t reach the summer house silently. You can do this by laying gravel around the summer house. In addition to its burglary-resistant character, it also looks very nice. Nowadays, gravel comes in many different types and colours. So you will always find something that suits your garden.

Clear the garden

This one may sound a little odd at first, but let us explain. Make sure there are no loose stones or clinkers in the garden. For example, if you have just created a path somewhere. No matter how good the glass of your summer house is, you can easily break the glass with a clinker. In addition to loose stones, it is also good not to leave ladders or tools lying around in the garden. A ladder can be used to climb the summer house or, even worse, try to get into the house on the first floor, for instance. So, tidy up the garden and don’t leave these sorts of things lying around.

A security system

Finally, we would like to advise you on a security system. Perhaps you already use one for the house, but why not use it in the summer house as well? With motion sensors, a camera and door/window contacts, you can really turn the summer house into a well-secured fortress. Nowadays there are a lot of systems that work well with Wi-Fi and where you get a notification on your phone if something goes wrong. Woodpro-Security We hope that with these tips, we have made you feel safer, and if you haven’t got everything in order yet, you now know what you can do to make the summer house more secure. When you opt for a summer house, log cabin, veranda or canopy from Woodpro, you can be sure that you are getting very favourably priced summer house. We deliver customised products at no extra cost and, as mentioned above, our products are always well secured. Our products are made of the highest quality wood from Northern Europe. These countries have a cold climate, so the trees grow slower and the wood is more stable and durable. If, after reading this article, you have questions about our products, please feel free to contact us. Would you like to stay up to date with our latest news and also receive our blog articles by e-mail? Then subscribe to our newsletter.