Bespoke garden buildings

Bespoke garden buildings


To have your own out of many bespoke garden buildings is something very special. At Woodpro you can create your own with our free software. In general, bespoke garden buildings are very popular because you can use them for a lot of different things. They are as well really eye-catching in your garden. Compared to a pre-designed garden house, a bespoke one offers a lot of advantages:

  • A garden house is used differently from person to person. It might be used as a guest house, a cinema or a walk-in closet. That is why it is very important to match the bespoke garden buildings with your usage plans.
  • Moreover, the house should suit your garden perfectly. Therefore, you can change the measurements accordingly, and with decorative elements, you are able to match it perfectly with your other garden furniture.
  • Another advantage is that you are the only one person in the neighbourhood who has exactly this garden building and it is your very own design!

 Tiny wooden gazebo for a garden Tiny wooden gazebo with an apex roof  

Our 3D-configurator

The 3D configurator software we offer you provides a lot of different opportunities for you to create bespoke garden buildings.

  • First of all, you choose between an already existing design and a blank template.
  • Next, you can change the walls to get the thickness and height you want to have the desire.
  • In the next step, you decide on a roof.
  • Moreover, you can place the doors and windows that you would like to have where you want them to be.
  • In the fifth step, you can decide which colour your garden house should be. You can also choose hardware for the bespoke garden building, an internal floor and other details.
  • In the finishing final step, you can see all the elements you choose in your basket with the different relevant prices. Furthermore, you get to know the total costs of the building and all the measurements.

At completion, the bespoke garden buildings our customers designed are saved or shared on social media. Throughout the whole process, we offer you a 3D view, which you can rotate to see all sides. This should give you a good overview of the garden building you are creating. You can send us your bespoke garden-building concept without any obligation to purchase. We will get in contact with you afterwards.


We are happy to help

While creating your bespoke garden buildings, we would be pleased to offer you our help with it. You can either contact us via any of our social media channels – which is Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You can also look up our email address on our website and contact us this way.  If you prefer a conversation on the phone with one of our customer advisors, you can of course call us.

Were we able to rise your interest in a bespoke garden building of your own? If so, then design it on our website now! In just a few steps you can design a garden house that fulfils all your wishes.