Bespoke garden shed

Bespoke garden shed


Has one of our summer houses caught your attention but you are not sure if it will meet your exact needs and desires? At Woodpro you can have your own bespoke garden shed. Everyone has his or her own specific needs and desires for a garden building. There are summer houses with flat roofs and summer houses with verandas – anything goes! There are plenty of possibilities for bespoke sheds that we would like to discuss with you.

Why a bespoke garden shed from Woodpro?

Woodpro bespoke garden sheds can have a variety of purposes. Many people sit in a garden shed made to measure to enjoy the peace and quiet of nature. They can also come in the form of sheds for the storage of tools and other items, and as gazebos, for relaxing under. These days it doesn’t really matter how you use your bespoke shed. Using a summer house as extra storage space or as an office is becoming increasingly popular. The possibilities offered by Woodpro are therefore very wide-ranging. Not everybody wants a bespoke garden storage shed or a bespoke garden office shed. The demand for different options increases with each passing day. Because there is a wide choice of garden houses, log cabins and verandas, it is also well worth considering a design of your own. At Woodpro you can design made-to-measure garden sheds and ensure that it meets all your requirements. The only thing you need to do is try it out and come up with some ideas. What are you going to do with your own bespoke garden shed? Will it be the perfect place for your kids to play, or will it a quiet spot for you and your other half? We have a huge range of buildings, or you can design perfect garden sheds made to measure.

Lugarde wooden garden shed This log cabin has an veranda and a flat roof

3D Configurator from Woodpro

Are you looking for a beautiful log cabin or summer house, but can not see the right one? Then use the 3D Configurator from Woodpro to create made-to-measure sheds. All the choices are entirely up to you, so get your creative brain going and get to work! Choose from a garden building with or without a veranda, with a flat roof or a slanted roof. Do you want a square summer house or one that is rectangular, pentagonal or another shape? All measurements and dimensions can be adjusted within the Configurator. Would you like a small garden building with, for example, a larger roof because the building will only serve as a small storage space? Or a larger one with a smaller veranda because you only want to sit under the roof when it rains? The choice is entirely up to you.

You can also choose from a flat roof or an angled roof, the colours in which it is painted and the materials used. Would you like a roof with a 20-degree angle in blue? Most people know in advance exactly what they want, and while some people are always busy in or around their garden building, others are less interested in keeping it clean and tidy. That is why the choice of treatment of the wood, doors and windows is so important. When you are deciding on the wood treatment there are two main options: pressure impregnation or pre-treatment spraying. For the doors and windows, it is slightly different because you can choose between staining the windows and doors or dipping/impregnating them. Then there is the choice of flooring. If you want a floor in your bespoke garden shed, the best option is to have it treated: this means that the floor is sprayed so that when your summer house is built the parts that can no longer be accessed are protected. The last decision you have to make is on the colour of the spray. There are five colours you can choose from brown, transparent light grey, transparent, transparent granite grey and white. For the windows and doors, there are two options: dusty grey and pure white. Once all the decisions have been made and you have designed your own bespoke garden shed you can proceed with the purchase. Woodpro will then ensure that all the materials are prepared for delivery to you as soon as possible.

Would you rather have a different type of log cabin or just a custom-made wooden garden building? There are so many options available within the 3D Configurator that you will certainly find a way to create perfect bespoke sheds in the UK. With more than 40 years of experience in the production of made-to-measure garden buildings and log cabins, Woodpro is certain to have a solution for you.