A garden house as a guesthouse

A garden house as a guesthouse


A garden house can function well as a guesthouse. If you are planning to build a garden house as a guesthouse, you need to think carefully about your requirements. A guesthouse is the answer if you want to maintain your own privacy and that of your guests. However, there are a few things that are useful to know before you start building a guesthouse garden shed.

How big should a guesthouse be?

Before choosing a garden shed, it is important to know how big the wooden guesthouse should be. What conditions must the guesthouse meet? The total usable area of your garden shed guesthouse may not exceed 40 m² and must fit within the maximum building area in the zoning plan, administrative regulation or environmental plan. In some situations, it is possible to deviate from the maximum usable area. More information is available from the local authorities. In addition, it is not allowed to place a kitchen in your guesthouse garden house and the guesthouse may only consist of one building layer. If you take this into account in advance, you will not face any unexpected surprises.


Can you live in a garden house?

At Woodpro, we have a wide selection of garden houses that can serve as guesthouses. Of course, if you want your guests to stay in your summerhouse, it has to be habitable. You can furnish it cosily with a nice sofa, nice boards, but more importantly, the garden house should be water- and windproof. A warm heater is a wonderful addition for guests on chilly days and nights. Although permanent habitation is tolerated in a few cases, it is not allowed in most local authorities. It very much depends on which local authority you live in. The local authorities decide independently whether or not a form of housing fits within the zoning plan. So always check with the local authority first what the possibilities are.

Do you need a permit for a guesthouse in a garden house?

A question many people ask themselves. Do you want to build or renovate a garden house as a guesthouse with a sleeping or residential purpose? In most cases you will need a permit.

Determine the purpose of your guesthouse summerhouse

Are you planning to build a guesthouse in your garden? Then it is wise to start thinking about certain uses for your garden house. For example, do you already know the ultimate purpose of your guesthouse garden shed? Do you want to use it for guest accommodation only or do you also plan to use it for work during the week? It is also important to consider the dimensions of your guesthouse garden building. A guesthouse should of course be equipped with a bed or sofa bed. Once you have thought about these questions, you can start designing your guesthouse. Get advice from one of our dealers and together come up with an accommodation that fully meets your needs.

Guesthouse from Woodpro

The cost of a wooden guesthouse is of course very dependent on your requirements. At Woodpro, we have a wide range when it comes to garden houses, log cabins, canopies and garden offices.
Rather design your own guesthouse garden house? Then you can use our 3D- configurator to design your own custom-made guesthouse. Would you like us to create the design? Please apply for a free, no-obligation customisation request. We will be happy to help you!