Practical tips

Practical tips

You should be able to enjoy your log cabin, gazebo or garage for a very long time. With a few simple measures, you will be able to keep your log cabin in great condition and extend its lifetime. The following tips will help you to maintain your log cabin at its very best.

Protection against water

A layer of gravel around the outside of your log cabin will protect its underside from being splashed with (rain) water. The timber will therefore stay dry, ensuring that your building lasts longer.

Door hooks

Woodpro recommends that you install door hooks immediately after assembly. Door hooks prevent doors from suddenly blowing open or slamming closed. This stops the door and the glazing from being damaged by gusts of wind.


Does your log cabin have adequate ventilation? Sufficient ventilation prevents condensation from developing on the inside of your log cabin, which is why it is important to install ventilation grilles. For effective aeration, install one grille on the front of the building and one on the opposite side, i.e. on the back of the log cabin. However, most moisture comes up through the floor and for this reason it is strongly recommended that you also install an internal floor.

Movement of the wood

A wooden log cabin will shrink or expand depending on its moisture content. This is a feature of wood buildings. The wood will expand, but will not get longer. Each beam can expand by as much as 1.5 mm. Since every log cabin is around 15 beams high, this can amount to a full expansion of around 2.25 cm (15 x 1.5 mm). In order to shrink or expand, the wood needs a little space. Most problems that arise as a result of wood movement are caused by securing screws and nails in the walls, windows and doors. Such intervention stops the timber from moving as needed. All of our building systems take the movement of wood into account. Woodpro does not use nails or screws in the walls and yet all of our log cabins and gazebos are both very stable and wind- and waterproof. Our highly advanced systems and our precise production methods mean that the walls fit together with millimetric precision. If you wish to install pipes or (built-in) furniture, you must consider how the wood will move.

Treat your log cabin

Protect your log cabin against the sun, wind and rain. We advise that you treat it both inside and out before the unit is assembled. We can supply pre-treated log cabins and gazebos. Want to know more? Find out more about our treatments here.


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