Our main goal here at Woodpro is to make our customers happy. We try to ensure this by using high-quality timber; ensuring excellent design, production and supply; and by helping our customers in every way we can with the expertise of our trained personnel.

We manufacture all our products in our own factory and for that reason we are able to ensure quality on such a high level. With our design and drawing department located next to our factory we can offer support to our customers throughout the whole process.

High-quality timber

For our log cabins, garages and gazebos we use high-quality kiln-dried wood which originates from northern European countries with cold climates. The cold climate causes the trees to grow slowly and because of that the growth rings are close together. This makes the timber more stable and durable. We also reduce timber shrinkage by using special drying rooms to kiln dry our timber to a moisture content of approximately 14%-16%.

Log-cabin construction systems

Design is key and that’s why Woodpro has the best construction system possible. We do not use screws and nails to hold our buildings together as these do not allow the timber to move naturally. Instead our log-cabin construction system has overlapping corner joints that offer high wind and water resistance.

woodpro log cabin system 28mmWoodpro.com logotype - log cabin diamond cut logs 44 mm.

Our 3D-configurator

With our unique 3D-configurator you can design your dream log cabin and get a complete 360° view of your design. Alternatively you can request that we produce a bespoke design for you.



Since we stand behind our great quality we offer a five-year warranty on any manufacturing and/or construction faults.



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