6x5 summer house

For when you need a little shed in you garden in which you can put your garden furniture or a storage place for garden equipment. At Woodpro we can build a summer house of almost any size. This includes a 6x5 summer house.

A 6x5 summer house is ideal for a small garden, or when you don’t need much space. Even with small garden houses you can choose from the many options that we have. We have a list of standard 6x5 summer houses and you can also design a summer house with the 3D configurator on our website.

The price of a 6×5 summer house

If you create your own 6×5 summer house in our 3D configurator, you can immediately see what the costs are for it. With every step the price adjusts, so you can see what the cost is for each option you add and you won’t get a surprise at the end.

At Woodpro we find quality very important. You always get value for money on your 6×5 summer house. We have a good perspective on the quality that we deliver, because we produce all of our summer houses ourselves – from planting the trees to building the 6×5 summer house in your garden.

And you always get a 5-year guarantee on construction or manufacturing faults and there are many more benefits when you buy your 6×5 summer house from Woodpro. Take a look at our website or contact one of our dealers.

Frequently asked questions

The wood that Woodpro uses comes from the northern European countries where the climate is a lot cooler than here in the Netherlands. The low temperatures ensure that the wood gets a high quality.