Corner summerhouse

A corner summerhouse is the perfect timber structure for all types of small gardens: city gardens, small back gardens and courtyard gardens. Our compact, space-saving summerhouse designs and cost-effective assembly make it possible for anyone to set up an outdoor lounge area with a veranda, a shed or a storage area, even in the tightest of garden corners.

Corner summerhouse as a shed or a storage area

Even the smallest garden is big enough to offer the possibility of extending the living area outdoors, using a summerhouse with a shed. Moreover, having a summerhouse with a shed will not only save on floor space but will also give you a landscaped corner where you can enjoy time by yourself or with family and friends. However, if you are looking for a more practical addition to your garden, a corner summerhouse with a storage area is the right option for you. Every inch counts in small spaces, and a corner summerhouse with a storage area will make use of every scrap available.

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