Woodpro adds Augmented Reality to 3D garden building configurator!

Woodpro adds Augmented Reality to 3D garden building configurator!


Woodpro has had an extensive 3D configurator for a long time now. Here it is possible to design log cabins, summerhouses and verandas completely according to your wishes. Woodpro now goes a step further and comes with a new innovative addition to the configurator. It is possible to design a summerhouse in 3D on a desktop computer and then virtually place it in your own garden with Augmented Reality (AR) and a mobile phone.

Why does this functionality have so much added value?

Although Woodpro makes very favourably priced log cabins and summerhouses, for many people it is still a big investment. It is a product that someone wants to enjoy for at least 10 to 20 years. It is then important to be sure that it fits well in the garden, and you actually want to know how it will look in the garden. With augmented reality this is possible. So with this functionality we take away some doubts. Is everything measured correctly, does it fit in the place in the garden that we had in mind? Of course, it is still necessary to measure everything properly, but it immediately gives a much better picture of the end result. When building the log cabin or summerhouse, the image of augmented reality becomes reality! The AR representation is completely to scale, the log cabin can be viewed from all sides. It is even possible to look through the windows and walk inside! This way, it is clear in advance how the log cabin will look in the garden and whether it fits exactly on the spot in the garden.

Andrea Wuestman (owner of Woodpro): ‘You don’t just buy a log cabin or summerhouse. With these features we give our (potential) customers an even better experience with our products. We are very pleased to offer this new free functionality and are proud of the fact that it is now available for everyone to use.’

Endless possibilities

With the 3D configurator in combination with Woodpro’s augmented reality it is possible to put together a log cabin, summer house or other product completely tailored to your needs in just a few steps. This offers a great advantage, because the log cabin or summerhouse can be designed completely according to personal wishes. Designing in the configurator is possible with a desktop computer, here all options can be found easily. In the process of designing, it is possible to completely change things like product type (garden shed, log cabin, garage, veranda), roofs, doors, windows, door fittings and roof finish. Furthermore, a choice can be made in the finish of the product, for example impregnation or staining.

How does it work exactly?

All information about the 3D configurator can be found on our site. In the existing configurator, the augmented reality functionality has been added. It is possible to first make a complete design in 3D. As described, this can be done via a desktop computer. Immediately the button augmented reality appears on the right side. With this button you send the design to a mobile device via e-mail. From the mobile device it is then possible to view the design in AR. With a simple push of the button you can see a log cabin or summerhouse in the garden in no time. This allows you to see if the cabin or house fits, walk around it and even look inside. Curious about the complete AR functionality? Visit our 3D configurator and see for yourself.