What kind of roof on your garage?

What kind of roof on your garage?


A wooden garage has many options. Think of a garage with a flat roof or one with an apex roof. The quality of the roof has to be as good as the garage itself. At Woodpro the quality is always guarenteed. You could also, choose for a roof with solar panels or with sedum. Many options you could think of at Woodpro.

Because of the big offer at Woodpro you could also choose to pick a veranda or a carport. The thing is, wich one do you prefer.

Discover our 3D-configurator

At Woodpro we have got an own 3D-configurator. With the configurator you could make your own design. Your own perfect designed wooden garage. Try it out yourself and maybe in a few weeks the perfect designed garage or log cabin is standing in your garden.