Traditional summerhouses

Traditional summerhouses


At Woodpro we have got many traditional summerhouses. With 40 years of experience you will complete at Woodpro. Our wood quality is very high because it comes from countries in the north of Europe. There is a colder climate and that gives the wood a better quality!

Enjoy the spring in your own bespoke log cabin

In the spring everyone wants to get a beautiful view of the new coming nature and all the animals that will return to there favourite place. In your own bespoke log cabin you can sit down, enjoy a cup of tee and look outside to the nature returning back to its original looks.

Our 3D-configurator

At Woodpro we have got our own unique 3D-configurator! With the 3D-configurator you can design your own bespoke log cabin. You will create completly yourself to all your wishes and desires. Try it out and make the perfect log cabin.





Are you constantly thinking about the design of new log cabins or verandas but don’t your really know how to dot it? You could always try our 3D-configurator and maybe your perfect garden house is in your garden in a couple weeks.