Top 10 Most Popular Woodpro Products

Top 10 Most Popular Woodpro Products


When you try to find the perfect Woodpro product. Everyone thinks the opinion of others is very important. That is why we made a top 10 of the most bought Woodpro products for you. You can check every product on its specifics and find out which one suits the best in your garden.

1. Log cabin 27037

Whether you need a hobby room, gym or storage room with a veranda – log cabin 25037 offers an endless range of uses. Use the veranda for outdoor activities during the warmer months and stay warm in the summerhouse in the winter.


2. Log cabin 25118

This model in the log cabin system is a real highlight and fits perfectly into any garden. Our customers love this log cabin because of the variety of uses. Use it as a stylish storage room or a small hobby room.

3.Log cabin 25155

Also, this garden house can serve a variety of uses. Use it as a home office, a second living room or an outsourced party cellar – everything is possible! The modern look of log cabin 25155 convinces our customers again and again. You would like to order this log cabin with other windows? No problem!

Wooden garden summerhouse with a flat roof

4.Log cabin 25188

This model is popular with many customers. The design is modern and timeless. The large covered area is great for relaxing. In the closed area, everything that’s not used, such as bikes, extra garden furniture or the barbecue, can be stored.

5. Log cabin 27160

This log cabin fits into every corner of your garden and will quickly become the new centre of your garden. Due to its rectangular basic shape, it offers plenty of space as a storage room or as a retreat. Opt for other doors and windows to give this house a different look.


6.Log cabin 25402

With this log cabin, the garden can be enjoyed in any weather. Due to the closed back, you can sit wind and weather protected and still enjoy the breathtaking view of your garden. In the attached summerhouse you have enough space to store your garden furniture or bicycles.


7. Gazebo 28023

At number seven of our most popular products stands this gazebo. The 28023 gazebo adapts perfectly to any garden and is the perfect shelter and place to stay in all weather.


Grey wooden gazebo with sides


8. Garage 26455

Our most popular garage convinces by its simplicity. This closed garage allows you to park your car safely and is conveniently accessible from the side through a door. Depending on the size of the car, a workshop can be integrated into the room.

Wooden garage with a flat roof

9.Log cabin 25150

The log cabin 25150 is the perfect place to protect your garden furniture and garden equipment from rain and snow. The spacious interior also offers the possibility to build a workbench or store bicycles.

10. Log cabin 26453

A log cabin with a canopy is a highlight, which gives every garden some extra charm. Our Log Cabin 26453 has a modern yet cosy style and can be supplied in a variety of sizes to suit almost any home. Would you prefer this log cabin with a flat roof?

Did you find the garden building of your dreams among our Top 10 Most Popular Woodpro Products? If not, take a look through our amazing range of log cabins and gazebos or design your own with our unique 3D-configurator!