Smart tips for designing your garden

Smart tips for designing your garden


A large portion of people in the Netherlands have a garden. In larger cities, we tend to see somewhat smaller gardens. If you live more rurally, chances are that your garden is a bit bigger too. What are smart tips for designing a garden? We’ll go through a few different tips where it doesn’t matter if it’s a small or larger garden.

Go vertical

Do you have little space for flowers and plants in your garden? Then choose to go vertical with lots of green. And you don’t need to go too crazy with a fence and the like; simply opt for taller green plants. It instantly creates a nice, quiet picture when you look into the garden and see greenery. And if you do have that fence, choose climbing plants such as a wisteria or grape. These like to go up in height and also look amazing when they are in bloom or when grapes are growing on them. Woodpro garden plants

Choose large objects

Even if you have a somewhat smaller garden, make sure you choose a few large objects. Think of a large green plant in a nice pot or a nice large garden fire pit. It often works much better than all sorts of small objects. Many small objects create a busy and messy look. Therefore, choose one large object.

Multiple corners

Is your garden on the larger side? Then choose not to create one central seating area. Create seating areas in different places in the garden. Perhaps it would be nice to have a nice lounge corner somewhere. While at another place in the garden, a bistro set might be enough. A big advantage is that you may be able to enjoy the sun at different times in these places.

Make it optically larger

This tip is especially good for small gardens. Use materials in the garden to create accents, making the garden optically deeper or wider. Choose elongated tiles or planks, lay them lengthwise to enhance the effect and make the garden look deeper or wider.

A back wall in the garden

Does your garden have a back wall? Let this wall overgrow with green plants. Or choose to give this wall a colour. A light or dark colour creates more depth in the garden. If you choose a light colour, the garden immediately looks a bit wider.

Which garden furniture

As we wrote earlier, in a large garden, it is nice to create several spots in the garden with different furniture. Is your garden on the smaller side? Then opt for some lighter-looking furniture. Large robust furniture will make the garden look smaller if there is not enough space for it. That’s why we advise you to choose light and transparent-looking furniture.

woodpro garden tree furniture


As a final tip, we would like to mention garden lighting. It really is a must in every garden. In a large garden, you can also emphasise the space in the evenings by installing lighting in the back. In a small garden, dark corners create a shrinking effect. This is easily solved with lighting. Apply a few spotlights in the dark corners and you will also be able to see some of the plants you have in the garden.

Smart tips for designing your garden

With these clever tips you can decorate both a small and a large garden beautifully. So you can enjoy everything your garden has to offer. Do you want to truly finish your garden? Then opt for a summer house, log cabin, veranda or canopy from Woodpro. We supply very competitively priced customised products from our own factory. Our products come standard with double glazing & roofing. So if this article has inspired you, feel free to check out our complete collection! If you choose a Woodpro house, you choose customisation without extra cost. Ideal, it allows you to create the perfect house for your garden and situation. Whether that garden is large or on the smaller side.