Patio covers

Patio covers


Patio covers and other wooden outdoor structures are great for sprucing up your backyard before the outdoor season begins! People are often afraid of garden renovation projects because they can take up a lot of time and expenses. However, if your garden requires only a small update to make it look and feel nice for the upcoming summer, there are a lot of ways to do it without significant investment and long execution deadlines. Moreover, if you choose the new addition to your garden wisely, it will update not only the look of your garden but also the entire house.

So, what exactly is this fairly affordable and decorative yet functional addition that will change the whole design of your outdoor space? If your garden is in need of a makeover, keep reading to find out how patio covers uk, roof kits and other wooden outdoor structures can help you transform your property beyond recognition.

Wooden patio covers – the best solution for a garden seating area

Have you been looking through the range of patio covers with sides to find the right one for your garden? If you intend to set up a seating area in your backyard, skip patio covers made of vinyl and aluminium and start searching for a wooden structure! This is a bit of advice that many garden designers give their customers, to help them achieve a warm and welcoming appearance for the outdoor space. The natural beauty of wood will create the right atmosphere both inside the seating area and within the garden in general. It’s no doubt crucial for a lounge area to make you feel comfortable when you spend time inside of it, and natural building materials are perfect for it. In addition, outdoor covered patio structures make it a lot easier to style the area, because a timber frame structure allows for achieving both classic and modern interior designs.

While the look of the patio is crucial, of course, remember that the cover should be functional as well. A wooden patio cover will guarantee functionality while providing plenty of natural light yet protecting from the rain and direct sunlight!

Backyard patio covers – from an outdoor kitchen to a dining area

Patio covers are commonly used among homeowners as shades for seating areas, however, backyard patio covers are such versatile structures that they can be used for many different purposes. A great example of that is an outdoor kitchen and/or a dining area. Whether you have a small or spacious backyard, that’s an addition all your friends and family would appreciate! Many of us already have a BBQ corner in our gardens, however, since the area has no roof that can protect it from the sun, rain and snow, its usage is limited when the weather isn’t nice.

If you opt for a wooden patio cover to spruce up your garden this summer, it will be an addition that can be used all year-round, cooking meals for your loved ones on a BBQ grill. You can even set up a dining area with a proper dining table and chairs if the size of your outdoor space allows it! Wouldn’t it be nice to have dinner outdoors all summer long?

Big wooden gazebo for a garden

Patio canopy covers – a shaded garden retreat

Do you already have an outside cover for the patio that you’d like to upgrade for the upcoming outdoor season? In this case, patio canopy covers are the structures you should look out for. Mainly because you’ll be able to give a new look and functionality to the canopy area without having to redo it. What’s more, people often want to redo the canopy area because it’s too sunny or too exposed, so they don’t feel comfortable spending time there.

A partly enclosed wooden patio cover can help you to get more privacy and add more shade to your canopy. When you choose the perfect outdoor structure for your canopy area, make sure you choose a model that can be modified. This way, you can choose a partly enclosed structure that’s perfect for your garden layout, while providing much-needed privacy and shade. After such makeovers, your canopy wouldn’t just be an outdoor space – it will be a shaded garden retreat!

Modern patio covers – an extension to the indoor living area

Classic-style patio covers are more of an outdoor living area that’s added to the house. However, lately, more and more people want to extend their indoor living areas outdoors in a way that combines the same indoor feeling with a beautiful view of the garden. This is something that can be easily achieved with a wooden outdoor structure that’s equipped with glass sliding walls. Such designs not only bring classic patio covers to the next level, turning them from a fully enclosed structure to a fully open one as necessary but also help with extending the living area outdoors, in the most direct sense.

In addition, the designs of such garden buildings still keep them light and airy, while adding a sturdier home-exterior kind of look that looks like a part of the house. If there are some limits to styling ideas for fully open wooden patio covers, then for modern patio covers the furnishing and decorating ideas are unlimited!

Wooden gazebo with an apex roof

Patio covers and roof kits – an entryway cover solution

If an extra living area isn’t what you’re looking for, but the designs of patio covers are still more appealing to you than other wooden structures, there are many other ways how to incorporate them in the overall design of your home and garden. One of the options that are becoming more and more popular lately is using patio covers and roof kits as a solution for covering the entryway. The reasons why people choose to cover the entrance area are almost identical to building a patio.

First of all, it’s a functional feature that protects you from rain when you try to lock the door. Secondly, an addition like this will improve the look of your house, allowing you to decorate the entrance area in various ways. Add a statement lighting fixture to the roof or pull up a small bench or a chair and you will get a small front porch. Sometimes the smallest updates make a whole lot of difference!

Small wooden summerhouse with a side shed attached Wooden summer house with an apex roof Wooden garden building with a veranda

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