Made-to-measure log cabin

Made-to-measure log cabin


Been hesitating for some time about buying a log cabin? A bespoke log cabin can be
used for a variety of purposes. Think, for example, of a garden office, a gym or even
a wardrobe. Log cabins are also increasingly used purely as a canopy for a jacuzzi.
At Woodpro, you can choose from many different log cabins and summerhouses.
You will find the most beautiful made-to-measure log cabins at Woodpro!

Wooden log cabins

The advantage of log cabins (made-to-measure) from Woodpro is that they are easy
to maintain and that the wood provides insulation. In addition, a wooden log cabin
often looks better in a garden because it is a natural product.

We like working with wood because it is a workable natural material that radiates
warmth and cosiness. Materials such as plastic and stone have a cooler look. If you
maintain a wooden log cabin or summerhouse properly, the colours will stay
beautiful and not fade. A boiler-impregnated summerhouse, on the other hand, only
needs to be treated if you prefer. If you want the impregnated log cabin to blend in
with nature by not treating the wood, where the colour actually fades, it will still last
for 10-15 years.


How big can a log cabin be?

In many cases, you can erect a log cabin without a permit. The first thing you need to
establish is the purpose of the log cabin. Is it going to function as a home office,
gym, or do you want to turn it into an extra sleeping place? This is because
depending on the purpose, you may or may not need a permit. There is no simple
answer to how big a log cabin can be, as this varies from one situation to another.
For example, the size of a log cabin without a permit depends on the size of your
garden. If you intend to use the log cabin as a home, however, you will always need
a permit for this. You can easily apply for this from the municipality you live in.

How much does a custom-made summerhouse cost?

Every garden needs a log cabin, if you ask us. The price of a custom-made log cabin
depends on the dimensions, foundation and insulation. With our wide choice of
styles and dimensions, you can have your own log cabin made entirely to your
requirements. Our width dimensions start at 150 cm and go up to more than 700 cm.
And our depth dimensions, depending on the house, are available from 150 cm to
sometimes more than 600 cm. Choose your desired dimensions, in increments of 50
cm, and design your own log cabin.

Your made-to-measure log cabin with our 3D configurator

Want to create your own log cabin? You can design your own customised log cabin
with our 3D configurator. A few simple steps will guide you through the entire
process and eventually arrive at your perfect design. It is also possible to follow/view
your 3D design at each step very clearly. Our range of options allow you to make
many choices and completely customise a log cabin.