Log cabin sizes – large and small log cabins of the highest quality

Log cabin sizes – large and small log cabins of the highest quality


Woodpro can build a log cabin in many sizes, according to your specifications. Choose from a highly varied selection of log cabins. From smaller 2×3 m2 sheds to a large 6×4 m2 outdoor living home, anything is possible. Regardless of the different sizes, your log cabin can have, supreme quality is guaranteed at Woodpro.

Choose between various log cabin sizes

Popular log cabin sizes like 2×3, 3×3, 3×4, 3×5, 3×6 and 6×4 m2 are available in our varied selection of models. The models range from classic to modern designs, as well as rural-looking log cabins. While the sizes vary, the quality is consistently high. Woodpro is the market leader in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom for a good reason. We provide lasting quality in our log cabins of any size.

Specify your own size and design

It’s possible the log cabin you like to buy doesn’t come in the size you want it to be. With most other manufacturers you’d have to settle for something less than what you’ve dreamed of. However, Woodpro allows you to design a log cabin of exactly the size and design you prefer. You can make an existing model larger or smaller. Or you can design a log cabin from the ground up, using a basic starting template.


So the real answer to the question of which log cabin sizes are available at Woodpro is: any size you want. If you have any questions about our products or the 3D-configurator, please contact us or a local Woodpro dealer. We’re happy to provide you with free information about our products and services.