Impregnated log cabin

Impregnated log cabin


Want to enjoy your log cabin for as long as possible? Then make sure your summerhouse is impregnated. Impregnation helps preserve your summer house and protects it from various weather conditions, mould and rot. But what does impregnation actually mean? An impregnated log cabin is a log cabin that is completely soaked with impregnating agent. Woodpro uses agents where quality and environment are key.

Impregnating agent for a log cabin

As mentioned above, an impregnation agent ensures a durable and longer life for your log cabin. Woodpro always recommends using an impregnation agent (pre-treatment) before painting the cabin. If you are going to impregnate your log cabin yourself, pay close attention to the type of agent you use. Do you have no idea where to start? Then Woodpro can also impregnate your log cabin for you. You then have two options: Spray impregnation (pre-treatment) or boiler pressure impregnation (final treatment)

Spray pressure impregnation

We apply pressure impregnation to all log cabins with the log cabin system. It works quite simply. The wood of your future log cabin is placed in a boiler, which is then filled with impregnating agent. Then a vacuum is created in the boiler, and so the agent is pressed into the wood. The wood expands a little and thus takes a little longer to dry, about two weeks.

The big advantage of this method is that you do not need to treat the log cabin after this. The house is therefore low maintenance. Woodpro supplies these houses in the colour brown. The colour may grey slightly over the years. If necessary, you can of course simply paint over the impregnating agent. The knots may allow some water to get through during wind/rain. You can remedy this by using an end-edge sealer. It is also possible that the wood may warp a little, resulting in small cracks. This does give the house a natural look.

Spray impregnation

Spray impregnation is done differently. The wood is not placed in a kettle but is sprayed. This type of treatment is a pre-treatment. Within a year, you need to treat it again with a layer of stain. You can choose between five colours with this method: colourless, white, graphite grey, light grey and oak brown.

How should I impregnate a log cabin?

Would you prefer to impregnate your log cabin yourself? That is also possible. There are various options. We recommend filling the impregnating liquid into a pump sprayer and then spraying the various wooden parts. It is also possible to do this with a brush, but this will take a lot longer. It is important that this is done accurately. Spray or paint all parts on the outside.

After spraying or painting, carefully apply the impregnating agent to the wood with a brush. Important here is that all parts are well included. After impregnating the entire log cabin, it is wise to let it dry for two days.

Impregnated summer houses from Woodpro

Are you curious about the possibilities? Then take a look at our page under treatments. Here we explain in detail how our impregnation methods work. You can also add paint treatments to your log cabin in our 3D-configurator. This allows you to immediately see how the colours look with your desired choices. So should it be necessary, you can easily adjust something to the design. We can send your design to one of our dealers for you. Our dealers are spread throughout the Netherlands, so there is always one near you.