Custom log cabin, designed by you and made by Woodpro

Custom log cabin, designed by you and made by Woodpro


Woodpro can make a custom log cabin according to your specifications. With our services, you’re not bound by the standard models of other manufacturers. You’re not even bound to the varied selection of models we ourselves have provided.

Using our 3D-configurator, you can design a custom log cabin exactly as you see fit. With this intuitive program you can create your ideal log cabin. You can use this program free of charge on our website. We will build your cabin according to the design you have specified. We do not charge a higher price for bespoke log cabin designs than we do for a standard model.

The benefits of Woodpro log cabins

Woodpro builds garden products out of the finest wood: stable and durable spruce from northern countries. All the other materials are of similarly excellent quality. Examples of these materials are double glazing, sprung door handles and cylinder locks. Woodpro garden products are built without screws and nails. We use innovative, patented corner connections which provide excellent wind and water protection.


Design the custom log cabin of your dreams

We provide you with the means to make no compromises whatsoever regarding the custom log cabin you’ve always dreamed of. Our flexible 3D-configurator can be used to enter the exact specifications of your perfect log cabin. With a roof type of your choice, with a carport or without one, anything is possible. You can also build a log cabin with a canopy. This allows you to sit outside, sheltered from scorching sun or rain.

We provide you with an explanation for how to use our 3D-configurator on our website. Should you have any questions or run into problems, feel free to contact us. Please note that the 3D-configurator does not work on smartphones and tablets. It’s designed to work on laptops and desktop computers.

A custom log cabin made from the best materials

Premium timber is the main material our log cabins are built of. Some metal elements are also found in our products. For example flat roofs come with aluminium trims on roof edges. We prefer to use inferior materials like plastic as little as possible. Premium quality materials are guaranteed in our garden products, because we aim for lasting customer satisfaction.


The benefits of a custom log cabin from Woodpro

  • You’re not bound by the standard selection of log cabins
  • Intuitive 3D-configurator, easy to understand by anyone
  • You don’t have to compromise in any way
  • We build exactly from your specifications
  • Materials of the highest quality
  • No extra costs for a custom design
  • You can easily construct your cabin in your garden

We welcome you to try our 3D-configurator and design the custom log cabin you’ve always wanted. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.