Build your own garage!

Build your own garage!


You could easily build your own log cabin from Woodpro. You will get easy istructions and different instruction books. With te right tools you will build it easily. You don’t have to saw the wood yourself. The paint you choose in de configuration will be painted at Woodpro ass well.

Build it yourself, it isn’t that difficult

It isn’t that difficult to build your own bespoke log cabin or garage in this case.  It all starts with the right instructions and preperations. With the right preperations youre garage will be installed in a few days. If it won’t work or something is wrong you could always try to reach us.

You could always contact us, or contact your local Woodpro dealer.

Let us build your garage

We know a lot of pepople who think they should build there own garage but in many cases this doesn’t end up well. One of our dealers could build your garage easily and fast. You could use your garage in a very quick moment.

Whether you build a garage yourself or let a Woodpro dealer help you with it, you will enjoy your own created garage for many years.