Build a wooden garage

Build a wooden garage


Do you need some extra space to park your car, store your things, do odd jobs or put in an extra fridge or freezer? Then building a garage or installing a garage is the solution for you! Having a wooden garage built clearly has many advantages, but building a garage also requires a lot of work. To be well prepared, there are a few important things to consider before building a garage.

Choose the material

If you want to build a wooden garage, you will naturally first think about the material you want to use for your garage. A wooden garage has an important advantage over concrete garages: the price per m2 is a lot lower. In addition, obtaining a building permit for wood garages is much cheaper. And don’t you agree that a wooden garage looks more stylish and gives that little bit of extra character to your home?

There is also a difference in quality between different types of wood that can be used when building a garage. For example, there are types of wood that are a lot less sturdy and more susceptible to weathering. Woodpro has the best price-quality ratio if you want to build a garage. This is because the wood species we use come from northern regions with a cold climate. Due to the cold climate, the trees grow slower, so the annual rings are closer together. This results in sturdy wood with a strong structure.

Determine the wall thickness of the wood

Besides the material, it is also good to pay attention to the wall thickness of the wood. Woodpro has garages with wall thicknesses of 28 mm and 44 mm. When building a garage, it is wise to think about your garage’s purpose before you start. Do you only want to store your car? Then a wall thickness of 28 mm is sufficient. But do you also want to store things and do DIY in your garage? Then you should choose a wall thickness of 44 mm, because with this thickness the temperature inside will drop less quickly.

Are you going to build a garage from Woodpro? Then your garage will have diamond heads on the corner joint. This is a wind- and watertight corner connection that is provided with tongue and groove. This allows you to build your wooden garage quite easily.

Consider the costs

Building a wooden garage? Then, of course, you don’t want to face unexpected costs. Our website therefore lists the prices for our standard models. This way, you can immediately see the price of a garage. Even if you design a garage via our 3D configurator, you will immediately see the price for each modification. So there are no surprises at the end of your design.

Permit for your garage

Finally, it is wise to find out whether you need a permit to build your wooden garage. In fact, you may need a permit if you are going to build a garage. Especially if the garage will be placed at the front or side of your house or you want to make a canopy attached to the garage. For this, go to your municipality to find out about a possible permit.

Build a garage with Woodpro

Woodpro offers top quality garages at the best price. Choose your favourite garage from our range or design the garage of your dreams using our 3D configurator. Be inspired, also check out our other options such as a tailor-made summer house.

Do you have any questions or specific requirements? Then feel free to contact our dealers for all information and possibilities. Woodpro’s dealers are always up to date with the latest developments in wooden garages. So, get in touch, or order an A-quality garage cheaply from Woodpro and start building your garage!