What is the best location for a summer house in your garden? Woodpro gives you tips!

What is the best location for a summer house in your garden? Woodpro gives you tips!


The best place for a summer house, log cabin or canopy in your garden. That may sound easy, but have you really thought about it? There are quite a few factors to take into account that you may not think of at first. We help you come up with ideas!

It’s great that you want to order a summer house, log cabin or other product from Woodpro. Before you place your order, you should of course know where the summer house will be located. Besides the dimensions of the house, it is also good to think about what you want to do with it. Will it be a place to sit and enjoy, or will it just be a place to store the garden stuff? Of course, this makes quite the difference as to where you are going to place the house. As promised, a few tips from us!

Check the terrain

Now, this may be something you’ve already looked at, but still. It’s really important to take a good look at the substrate. Are you going to place the house on an elevated surface? Or will it be deeper? Then you should think about drainage. Furthermore, the substrate must be flat and level, preferably on a concrete or tiled foundation. In that case, are there no underground obstacles or old tree roots in the way? Will you choose to tile the location? Then make sure that the surface area is slightly larger than the house that will be placed on it. It may be a good idea to mark out the spot with ribbons or rope, so you can get a good idea of the potential location. 


We mentioned it before, the drainage. What you obviously don’t want is a wet substrate. What if water sits against the cottage, or worse, inside the cottage? This can cause problems with the wood, as it can rot if it stays wet for too long. Water in the house can cause mold. These are things you absolutely want to avoid! Make sure that the house is not placed at the lowest spot in the garden. Is there no other way? Then make sure there is good drainage around the house. Are you going to put the house on clay soil? Then it may be a good idea to dig out part of the location where the house will be. Fill the excavated area with gravel. This can serve well as a foundation for the house and prevents water from entering the house.

Accessibility of the house

Something you should definitely bear in mind is accessibility. Can you still get inside once the summer house is completed? Of course, a path must be laid out to the summer house. Does the house have one or two entrances? Does the house also function as a separation from the garden? What about the yard fence? If you are starting out with an entirely new garden, you can still take this into account. If it’s an existing garden, it might take a bit more fitting and measuring. But even then, with a few nice bricks, tiles or gravel, it is quite easy to create a new path to the summer house. 

Natural light and the position of the sun

Are you going to use the summer house as a place to lounge? Then natural light really needs to be taken into account. You might want to sit in the sun in the summer. If the summer house is facing north, this will be tricky. If you opt for a summer house with a canopy, keep the sun in mind. It rises in the east and sets in the west. During the day, the sun rotates to the south, so if you want to sit in the sun as much as possible, the opening of the canopy must face south. Are you more of a morning person and want to enjoy a cup of coffee in the sun? Then facing east or southeast is the best choice. If you want to enjoy the sun longer in the evening, facing southwest or the west is the better choice. Are you unsure about the orientation? Then ask for advice from a local gardener, they often have a lot of experience and know all about natural light and the placement of a house.


Of course you may also contact us.  Have you become excited after reading this article? Then start designing your summer house, log cabin or canopy today with our 3D Configurator. If you choose a Woodpro house, you choose customisation without extra cost. Ideal, it allows you to create the perfect house for your garden and situation.