Various prices from Woodpro

Various prices from Woodpro


A garden shed is useful for many different purposes. In addition, a garden house provides a great deal of atmosphere. Will you choose a practical place to store your things, or will you opt for a cosy shelter with family and friends? Of course, we cannot look into your wallet, but we can make your search for your dream garden shed a little easier.

Affordable garden house

Are you looking for an economically priced garden house? That’s good, because at Woodpro we have a wide range of economical garden houses. How about a summerhouse with a veranda or canopy? We will be happy to tell you more about the possibilities if you’re looking for something up to € 2,000. Because for even less than € 2,000, you can have an inexpensive garden house with all the conveniences. Consider a small veranda, ideal for just that little bit of extra comfort outside your own home.

With a veranda, you are always out of the wind and can also sit in the shade in summer. Do you prefer a summerhouse for storage? Then you could opt for a log cabin, for example. A log cabin is handy for storing your garden furniture, bicycles or other things. Or make it your own creative space.

Affordable garden house

Comfort and plenty of space

Looking for a bit more comfort and extra space? Then we have a wide range of garden houses from € 2,000 to € 5,000. The sizes are diverse, but think about a width of up to 600 cm and a depth of up to 300 cm. Choose, for example, a veranda with both a canopy and storage space. Or opt for an extra-large seating area, where you can socialise with family and friends. At Woodpro, we give you all the space and freedom to do everything yourself. But we are also happy to provide inspiration. Download our free brochure, in which you will find all new summerhouses and all information on new systems. So you can make an informed decision.


garden house

Luxury garden houses

Looking for more luxury? Check out our garden houses from € 5,000.-. Think of dimensions with a width of 700 cm and a depth of up to 400 cm. Garden houses in this price category function well as a second home and are a real addition to your garden. We make your perfect luxury garden house to measure, or design your own garden house with our 3D-Configurator.

Luxury garden houses

Design your own dream garden house, log cabin or garage

Of course, you can make it as cheap or expensive as you like. Will you choose a small garden house or a more luxurious one? With our 3D-Configurator, you can easily design your own garden house. Choose your dimensions, wood type, colour and shape. Would you prefer us to design your summerhouse for you? This is also possible. Request a customised design request free of charge and without obligation. Complete the form and we will send it to the dealer closest to you.

Woodpro quality

Our products are renowned for their high quality. Whether you choose a summerhouse of € 2,000 or € 5,000, we always offer the best value for money. Are you looking for a garden house at a discount, an offer of a garden house with roof? With us, we do not bargain on prices. We want to deliver the best quality at a competitive price. Of course, you can choose a discount garden house, but will you get a custom-made garden house, with standard double glazing and roofing? Take a look at one of our garden houses and compare the options and extras you get there. We dare say that with us, you’ll get a complete garden house that’s excellent value for money.

We can guarantee this quality because our products are made in our own factory. Our attention to quality and detail is reflected in our finished products and is evident in all our products. Do you have any questions or need more information? Then contact us via our contact form or give us a call.