8 things that are indispensable in your winter summer house

8 things that are indispensable in your winter summer house


Winter is coming again, a reason for many people to stay indoors; get ready for cosy evenings in front of the fireplace or wood burner! Have you finished decorating your summer house for the winter? If not, and you have no idea how to get started, you have come to the right place! This week’s blog offers 8 tips to get your summer house ready and turn it into a winter cabin.

A heater

Whether you have a fireplace or an electric heater, a comfortable temperature is one of the most important things. So make sure to turn on the heater or light the fireplace before you’re ready to make yourself comfortable. Don’t forget to have enough firewood so you won’t need to get back outside into the cold!

A comfortable chair and/or a soft sofa

A must in your winter cabin, if you did not already have one, now is the right time to buy it. Snuggle up with your partner to watch a film or catch up with your friends.

Warm blanket

A warm blanket is something you’ll surely want for the really cold days; surely you don’t want to be sitting inside with your coat on? My personal favourites are the weighted blankets, which are wonderfully warm and make you feel as if you are constantly being cuddled. This log cabin has an veranda and has an flat roof


A great atmosphere and scented candles make the summer house extra comfortable. You can smell the delicious scent of the candles the second you walk in, and you can see the cosy candlelight reflect in the windows. An excellent setup for a romantic evening!


A nice, soft rug made of, for example, a sheepskin or another type of long-pile rug is a must-have in your winter cabin. No more cold feet when you’re watching a film, and never again that shock when you put your bare feet on a cold floor.


Do you have a summer house with a large glass wall? Then hang up some nice light-blocking curtains. They retain the heat inside the house in winter, and in summer they keep the heat from the sun out. Curtains also create a wonderful atmosphere.


If you’d rather watch a movie than look at the stars, then don’t forget to install a TV or a beamer in your summer house. A beamer in combination with the curtains can easily create a home cinema. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Warm decorative items

Besides candles, there are many more ‘warm’ decorative items you can find for your winter cabin. A poster of a beautiful winter landscape, lanterns, and scented sticks that smell of cinnamon, vanilla, or chocolate. At Christmas time, it is also nice to put up a real Christmas tree that also gives off a wonderful scent. Lighting is another essential element in your cabin; lighting chains are very popular these days. They also look very nice and often flicker subtly for a playful effect. You don’t have a summer house in your garden yet? Then be inspired by all the models that we offer. Who knows, next winter you may be sitting in your own Woodpro log cabin.