5 ideas to save space in a garden house in a smart way!

5 ideas to save space in a garden house in a smart way!


Do you mainly use your garden house to store things? And are you actually running out of space? Then you can use a number of clever tips to create extra space in your garden house. February is the perfect month for a major clean-up in your garden house. Take advantage of this opportunity by rearranging your garden house to save valuable space and get even more out of your garden house.

1. Good riddance!

In order to save space in your garden house, a good foundation is essential. So start by emptying your garden house and sort out all your stuff. Chances are that there are some things you don’t use anymore, or that actually don’t belong in your garden house. By throwing these away or storing them elsewhere, you can save a considerable amount of space in your garden house. In addition, sorting out your things also gives you the opportunity to thoroughly clean your garden house. A clean and tidy garden house provides the ideal basis for rearranging your garden house and saving space in a smart way.

2. A smart layout

Have you tidied up your garden house and cleaned it thoroughly? Now it’s time to think about a smart layout. Stuff you use regularly should always be within reach. As a result, items you seldom use automatically get placed in the back of the garden shed. By arranging your garden house efficiently, you always know exactly where everything is. Give everything a fixed place and put your stuff back neatly after use. So you never have to search for your garden hose, flower pots or hedge trimmer. Woodpro Blog

3. Make optimal use of space

Have you mapped out which things need to be where? Then make optimal use of the space in your garden house. It may be quite natural to place your things on the ground, but you can also use the walls and ceiling to store them. Use your garden house’s height and try to prevent your floor from getting cluttered. By leaving enough space on the ground, you create a walkway. This way, you can also reach the things you have stored in the back of your garden shed.

4. Convenient storage systems

To really make the best use of your space, handy storage systems are the solution. Think of shelving cabinets, stackable boxes or bins and shelves on the wall. Do you have a lot of tools that you use regularly? Then place a tool wall in your garden shed to neatly display and store all your materials at the same time. This way you have everything within easy and quick reach, but it doesn’t take up too much space. In addition, you can use shelving cabinets and other storage systems to give loose items a fixed place. Think of things like a holder for your broom, rake and shovel! And there are many more convenient storage systems that allow you to save space in your garden house in a smart way.

5. Think outside the box, literally and figuratively

Have you applied all the above tips and do you still lack space? Then you can always consider including the space around your garden house for storage. For instance, certain functional items can also serve very well as decoration! Do you have a wheelbarrow, watering can or water barrel in your storage space? Then you can also choose to place them outside the garden house as decoration. The same goes for large and small garden tools: you can also place them against the outside wall of your garden house as decoration. This means you can decorate your garden house on the outside while also saving space!